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This Post is Overrated

Before I begin, I remember a lot of cblogs in the past that were mostly inspired by alcohol. I had a lot of fun reading these blogs for two reasons: first to see some of the amusing train wrecks that could happen, but second to get a window into the raw human emotion that can only be brought out in a gamer. If I had a blog to write drunk, this one would have been it, but unfortunately, I wanted to leave this one structured and coherent. There's always tomorrow. Be warned now, this is a rant with probably no actual merit to it. And poorly proofread. Moving on then...

Overrated. tr.v. o·ver·rat·ed, o·ver·rat·ing, o·ver·rates
To overestimate the merits of; rate too highly.
I am kind of disappointed that the dictionary icon didn't change from Harry Potter to Hipster glasses when I looked this word up. Oh well.

With that said, there are so many ways that people in gaming communities have really begun to piss me off. The largest of these offenders is anyone who uses the word overrated to describe something good. If it is popular, it is automatically overrated. Call of Duty? Zelda? Halo? All overrated. Ocarina of Time is one of the best games, advancing a genre into a whole new dimension, graphically and visually. Replaying the game now, it took Link to the Past and advanced each element, including the mostly bare bones plot, and created a world out of Hyrule full of life and characters. But fuck that, Majora's Mask was better, so Ocarina is overrated, because there is another game that is better, but didn't do as well. Does that mean mask should be higher, or Ocarina lower? Either way, piss off.

There are some cases where I could see a game being overrated. A game that is functionally broken, graphically abysmal, or just entirely banal. So for instance, Deadly Premonition would be totally overrated (in the Destructoid community at least). You know what games like this are called? A cult classic. Everyone has an attachment to the game greater than the value of it's parts, and they are willing to forgive the shortcomings because the experience to them is more important. But these games are never classified as overrated, they get a different term instead: shitty. The music medium is experiencing the same thing that the game industry is going through, in my opinion. Hipsters hate on popular music (all of the Gaga's and Beaver's) while they call the other artists that they don't like just plain bad. I will admit the analogy isn't perfect because the stereotyped hipster is looking for a band so indie that it would hurt their ego to like a cult classic, and indie gamers generally don't post on the blogs saying that The Passage is better than Halo because it has worse graphics.

I dont have photoshop, so thanks, internet!

So I don't have good transitions, but bear with me because I want to take you on a journey. You and your friends are all in a cool pool on a warm summer day. Some guy walks by and sees that you are enjoying the pool, but he either 1. doesn't have his trunks or 2. doesn't like to get wet. Most normal people in this situation would pass by, unnoticed. This guy however, drops his pants, and takes a crap in the pool. This is what happens when people post that a game is overrated in the comment section. Now I am not saying that people shouldn't express their opinions, but giving a reason, starting a discussion, adding to the conversation in any way would be fine (except when people are talking about Deadly Premonition because seriously, we all know why its bad. You don't have to remind us.)

Part of the reason why this is such a pain to me is because video games are a recreational activity. Nobody goes into an ice skating rink, rents the skates, skates around for 2 hours, then walks away yelling “I hate ice skating!”. There is so much choice involved with buying and playing a game that no one should ever feel forced into finishing a game they hate, causing them to bitch about it like it killed their parents, while it's ax was on fire. This exact same thing goes for online passes, DLC at 15 dollars, used games with a single save slots, and hats. But someone is probably going to buy it, and if you can't stop them. You saying “15 dollars is too much for a hat” is not going to affect how much someone wants to buy the item. Everyone on the site is old enough to make their own decisions, so basically a comment saying “I don't want to play zombies in COD” comes off to me as “I am soooo jealous of people who can play zombies in COD”. This relates to another thing what that angers me where people have created this mystical idiotic gamer. So many people act because the 'everyday gamer' wouldn't know that Carnival Games and the similar shovelware is crap, that only play Call of Duty, that are blind to online passes, and don't mind DRM. I am fairly certain this person we are striving so hard to protect is fictional, because an average gamer, like an average golfer, and average philatelist actually knows and cares about what they are doing with their time and money.

By the way, this fantasized average gamer is ruining the industry, as is DRM, online passes, motion controls, high definition graphics, exclusives, timed exclusives, DLC, shoverlware, 3d, and digital distribution. The market has now ay of working out which of these will last, because there is no way to attach a monetary figure to how well a game with any of those features does, and if one accidentally does well then its the mystical idiot gamer who propagated it, not everyone who filled out a petition saying they would boycott the game, then bought in day of release.

Its funny because that wouldn't happen. Wait, what?

In closing, I expect each comment to be about how bad it was, how the reader ignored my rant warning and was expecting an editorial, and will offer no ways to improve it.
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