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TaterRant: GOTY Edition

Again, I just donít feel like sugar coating this rant. No pictures, moderate censoring (Iím such a nice guy), and pure, unadulterated hatred towards some of the comments this community has given. Please rate the following, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is strongly disagree, 10 is strongy agree): Game of the Year editions are the work of the Devil, and are the results of dirty publishers trying to squeeze the coinage out of your veins. If you said anything above a 5, congratulations, you suck.

The main injustice most people seem to have suffered is that they arenít getting the value from their money, because if they waited the game would have been cheaper. There are two things fundamentally wrong with this argument.

1. The game will always be cheaper later
Remember Fallout: New Vegas? MRSP $60, went down to forty in a month, and by the time I got around to it twenty. What feels like 6 months later, a game of the year edition is released. Now if all this Mass Effect drama has taught me anything itís that the main value of a game is apparently buying it right away so dickheads donít spoil the game. Itís part of the meta game of the market, really. At least to me, games have more value when they first come out because you can discuss your experiences with communities online and your friends, and they are all just as excited as you are about it. You are spending money on the entire experience of the game, and you miss out on that if you buy the game when it comes out later in a GOTY form. By the time it releases as a game of the year edition it is out of the spotlight, and isnít trying to reinvent gaming, or provide you with the latest or greatest. But then what is it but a basic cash grab? That is covered by the next points....

2. How much content do you need?
Donít take this the wrong way. If someone sells you an 8 hour campaign and tacks on another 12 as DLC GOTY LOL WTF BBQ edition, yes, feel pissed. But what games have received this honor: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, GTA4, Red Dead Redemption, Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom, Oblivion, Borderlands....Do any of those games not have enough enough content for you? A 30 hour campaign/online competition wasnít worth your 60 (or 40, or 20) dollars? If you ever tell me that you feel like it wasnít your purchase just stop playing video games because no amount of content short of WoW will satiate your videogame bloodlust. Kind of on topic, kind of off: If you look at Street Fighter x Tekken, however many hours of content you could get out of the fighter are totally invalidated because someone else, at a later point, for a different cost, might get more. What if there were no DLC on disc and you played the game for 80 hours (which I imagine is possible if it was a AAA fighting game, I donít know if it is, but apparently it is a BFD). Were you robbed of content? Are you not entertained!?!? The answer to both is clearly no. If someone else has a better toy, yours is crap. And its all the fault of greedy publishers because it was a cash grab, right?

3. GOTY isnít a last hope cash grab (the DLC in SF x Tekken totally is though, oh my yes).
So letís say that content wasnít an issue for you. This is clearly a cash grab by greedy publishers, how dare they want to sell you a game! That line of logic aside, do you know what this costs them to make? Iíll give you a hint: all the work is done. The reason that these are typically in the 40 dollar range is because no one had to come up with a new idea, new assets, new storyline, new art, and new golden thrones for the developers. All that is accounted for. All they have to do is combine and distribute. My gut says (which is a fancy way of saying ďI think, but didnít want to research, piss off itís my rant) that most of the sales for a game come from the first few weeks, so most of the money is already made on this game, so they arenít trying to screw you over. This is a service to you, after everything is said and done, after all the releases, all of the marketing, all of the bullshit. Yes, this means there is more potential profit on this edition, but it is tied to the same company, and they are probably a fraction of the sales when the game first came out. They are providing another SKU for the game, perhaps for late adopters, maybe for all you stingy folk, or maybe....

4. Not everyone has internet, you insensitive moron!
Iím going to do it, right here, right now. As a community we are all hypocrites. Ohhh, game of the year edition is baaaaaad because I have to spend less money for moooore content, baawww. Why would they release a collection of material in a disc format, previously only available for purchase online, from which the content may eventually disappear completely because I donít have a physical copy? Those jerks! What Iím saying is: some people donít have the internet. They cannot get to this content any other way. And you will defend the shit out of them in every other situation but this one, because this one actually affects you. Same story for online content disappearing. You dick.

(Thanks for reading, all! Probably some contradictions and flaws in my logic here, but this is how I feel, for the most part. I appreciate your thoughts below!)
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