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Good day for a peach / mint tea


I farm loot. So I can farm faster. So I can farm more. So I can farm better loot.


I thought I didn't have anything for #MikeMonday, then fate smiled upon me with this gem


Got BL3 in hopes that it can be a meaty purchase that lasts me a while. So far, it feels just like a BL2 expansion, in a good way.


Lest we forget the greatest victory quote


5-0 at Friday Night Magic tonight, and they added a bonus for anyone with a perfect record. It makes me happy knowing that even such a small ecosystem, I am really good at something.


Just a happy little Scooter McDooter


Officially removed PMI from my mortgage! This calls for an inexpensive celebration!


I got a 'maybe' for a date! Hooray! Now its time to study D&D in the hopes that I can DM for a randomly sized group of people in a campaign built to be impossible to plan for as a DM!


I asked a girl out, and now I have anxiety. Video unrelated, but it was the cutest goddamn thing I have seen, so I had to rip it and post it on my own channel.


Can we get a "Dog owner" mode for games, like how color blind modes exist? So it just filters out random barking so my dogs don't go nuts for an hour over the fake dog.


Anyone remember that one review where the guy talks about how his dad would take him hunting and like skinning skunks, and as much as he hated that, he hated the game more?


Its strange to go from voting because my friends are following politics to voting because my friends are the people on the ballot. Its very energizing to see the people I know, and people from my generation, getting into offices to change things. Go Vote


I think I get to close out the Golden Age arc of Berserk tomorrow, as the 3rd Deluxe edition should be delivered!


Not happy with Sif, but the rest of the Darktoot Basin is looking sharp. Iron Keep is next in line


Beat DQ11, so my time is now free. Instead of something cool like Borderlands or New New Vegas, I'm going to paint Dark Souls models while watching Netflix!


Holy crap, I had a Texas style kolache today and it was an amazing breakfast. Also, I get my Dark Souls stretch goals, and get to go to a cute girl's birthday party tonight! Everything is coming up Milhouse!


Can yall throw me some mashups in the comments? Ill start with a classic


Why does Mike Tyson work out extra hard the day before Halloween? So he'll be Thor the next day.


Pitch: Ice cream truck for arcades, but instead of playing the entertainer, it plays Bubble Bobble music.


Its almost time my for my yearly playthrough of NieR. Unfortunately the XBox broke, so I may have to find alternative means


Someone dumped the entire candy bowl at 8:00 PM sharp, and I say more power to ya. Time to watch some spoopy Castlevania with special guest Jack Dagnels.


Going for a solid 90% completion in DQ11 - almost have everyone at 99, all Harma trials except the last one done, all wishes granted, all legendarys crafted. But not all side quests/tockles, I think.


3 chili (chipotle, guajilo, birds eye), 3 bean (garbanzo, kidney, navy), five alarm chili cooking. My nose is sore from sniffing it, so I think its gonna be a spicy boi.


"As nouns the difference between tator and tater is that tator is while tater is doer."


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