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What is your favorite opening line to a song?


Played a little bit of Persona and Troublemakers today. Wasn't able to actually 'play' persona more than just watch it. Troublemakers, though, had some pretty solid action from tutorial forward. Good ol TRPG goodness.


Picked up Persona 4 Golden and TROUBLESHOOETERS on Steam. Never played a Persona, and the other one seems like Xcom meets XMen, so I've been wildly curious about it.


I really want a mode in Tetris Effect (and other Tetris games) where it doesn't speed up. You can just chill and make your towers and clear lines and not panic


Top 3: DotA, Dark Souls, Borderlands 2


Making a garrador enemy for my D&D party. Its gonna guard a bank.


Story from Des Moines protests inside. I wanted to give people an out for something to laugh at instead of reading another bleak story, so have an XCom meme up front.


I wouldn't have imagined that Covid would last through 2 pre ordered Berserk deluxe editions, yet its only a month away.


In good news, Steve King will no longer represent Iowans in the House of Representatives come November.


Reading the graphic novel All You Need is Kill takes about as long as watching Live Die Repeat. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though.


What anxiety is like: I had the perfect amount of pee for the doctor, because I drank at the exact right time where I wouldn't have to pee before the consultation was over & had enough where I could fill it to the line. They didn't even need my pee


I had googled something earlier and I misread it as "Lobster Hamster" (it was lobster harmonica", but I found this and its my new favorite thing


Has anyone played TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children? I know its a big ask, but I would love an official DToid review as the game looks like it could be pretty sweet.


"Under an emergency proclamation, the governor declared that casinos, outdoor amphitheaters, amusement parks, bowling alleys, arcades, race tracks, skating rinks and outdoor playgrounds can reopen June 1." Well shit. GG, Iowa, welcome to die


Made a Final Fantasy blog. Its a doozy. Check it out.


Ok, so can anyone find the picture of the one review where the guy talks about skinning skunks or something with his dad for the whole review and how much he hated it, and then said the game was worse than that?


Hell yeah. Another one bites the dust.


Made it to chapter 13 of FFXV! Ive heard thats when the game really starts to get good!


Aranea best FF15 waifu...so far


Playing FF15 pretty much all weekend. Join in at twitch.tv/taterchimp!


Beat Chimera Squad. Scratched the XCom itch, but it was just too simple to be as fun as the main line games. 4 day weekend starts today, so I think Ill take a whack at FF15 starting tomorrow - tonight is for D&D


I have many questions after playing Tetris Effect, mostly "What were they on when they made that?"


2 missions left in Chimera Squad, then I can get back to what really matters...wait, what really matters? I just can't tell with COVID anymore. I think...I think Final Fantasy matters


Current mood. Lockdown is slowly starting to get to me, or maybe its just the usual depression and anxiety


Need a new game to sink my teeth into and stream that isn't Chimera squad. Thinking going back to FF15 for the 3rd time, or XCom2 WOTC until I rage quit that.


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