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'ball shrivelingly sick' is a real thing, thats when you know it's about to get real


Some Midwest inspirational art


The Switch's best feature is suspend. I rarely go through title screens and all that anymore. It's like the old days of leaving the SNES on and turning the screen off to go to dinner.


Its time for the return of D&D! DMing with my usual crew after a bit of a hiatus, and trying out some apps to see if they help. After they make it through this dungeon, I am switching to a new type of campaign, so I'm very curious to flesh that out


20 hours into Fire Emblem. Just now learned that the sprite at the bottom of the loading bar in controlled by your controller's gyroscope. Was driving me nuts.


Headliners at Advenutureland in Iowa for Octoberfest: Spin Doctors and Smash Mouth.


I want to put my speculation on some Fire Emblem stuff down in the comments. I'm not at Act 2 yet, so any spoilers would be before that point.


Edelgard current status. Casual may have been a mistake


I like how Fire Emblem starts you at like 25 health. I can mentally manage that more than Final Fantasy esque 1000


Toss that salad like his name romaine


This is my first entry into Fire Emblem. I have loved some srpgs (one of which was 'anime: the srpg!') so I'm curious to see how this goes. Could be a rabbit hole, or could be a waste of cash. Time will tell.


Earlier music thread lead me to this cover, which is dig way more than I should. And their lead singer never looked better, but that's neither here nor there


No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air


Almost done with Deus Ex Mankind Divided and I have some very unkind words for it. Another game I'm mostly beating out of spite (and good level design). Bump - I put my unkind words in a blog. Read it with your skull balls.


Send me smiles guys. I do t have bad problems but I am just bummed the fuck out tonight


Muller is on twitch. That's...pretty cool, actually. Its important, so to see it on the front page with a decent view count is kind of refreshing


Ive seen a lot of love for BA here, but this girl has stolen my heart twice over.


Shut up and eat! You know my love is sweet!


"Man, I really want to play X game that got delisted, but I can't buy it anywhere. Guess I'll just pirate the shit out of it." I find this mindset acceptable in these times, especially considering I have a copy on my shelf, but no functioning Xbox 360


You can't trust people who walk when playing Mario


Adam Jensen is the most milquetoast character ever made.


I would totally watch a reboot of Korgoth of Barbaria


Well Skullgirls ios is just the bees knees.


I've saved so much money being a depressed hermit: not paying for gas, deodorant, shampoo, or soap!


"Removed code that caused crashes and kept code that doesn't cause crashes" Patch notes are a thing of beauty sometimes


How stupid would a Dark Souls dark sign tattoo be? I like the game well enough, and I would love something that symbolizes the idea of perseverance even against unfair odds. I also want a pale blue dot and some other stuff, but that's mostly unrelated.


Oh shit, I'm going to turn into Ser Davos when I grow up


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