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Went on a first date to get pho with a dopey ass cop mustache, and sounds like we may get a date 2. Woo!


Changed my morning alarm to the Hamtaro opening. I used to wake up to that every school day in middle s chool, because I had a TV alarm set to cartoon network.


Representing DToid killing some vermin tonight. Almost a clean sweep for the match.


Presentation could use work but this flavor is banging. Salmon cooked en papillote with avacado, cucumber, tomato, and feta, dressed in a homemade lemon honey herb dressing


ICYMI: Katamari Damacy vinyls are going on sale today at noon CST (about 1 hour!) at https://mondotees.com/. Bump: on sale now!


Sexy hallogen ballast for 2b Tuesday


Got Vermintide 2 on Fanatical for 22.40. So that's a thing you can do


An hour later, and I fixed my turlet's fill valve. Never want to be wrist deep in a toilet again...this year.


Unholy fusion of chili and shrimp. It was alright


How much grinding and how many sidequests do you recommend for FF15?


Getting thin eating fat. 3 weeks in and I'm almost 10 pounds down.


Also , I just wanted to destroy something beautiful, so o shaved my beard. Keeping the 'stache, lost the burns after this pic, though


I was always a fan of this song, and today I realized a little bit more. First of all, I love syncopated beats, but I realized the ending (my favorite part) changes to 3/4 time, which is rarely seen in pop music.


Taking a cheat day, and the first 3 things that came to mind were: ramen, chicken tikka, or pupusas. I still love living in Des Moines


That stupid stick relic in Slay the Spire has to be the most fun I have had in gaming this year. I have no idea what my deck did, but it easily won the game


Not food! Just some vinyls from my favorite band


Lunch! (Its way past lunch, but wanted to post)


Pan roasted cod in a lemon/wine sauce with green beans


Go ladies soccer team! (this cheering only applies to DToiders in the USA)


Today I discovered lapsang souchong - a tea that nearly satiates my whiskey cravings. It is deeply smokey, which is unnatural for a tea. I love it


This chili is gonna be fire. 3 kinds of dried pepper, pork, chicken, and 2 whole serranos with seeds. (Edit: results)


FF15PC Day, yay! Time to eliminate my free time with bros in cars


Can anyone recommend a type of wine for a former whiskey drinker? Its a strange request, I know, but curious if there is a crossover


Kipper snacks! Something a younger me refused to eat on any holiday. Not bad, and the price was right


Whenever I see "Casbhack? Yes / NO " I always think that I want a third option labeled "weird movie"


Through my diet (and cutting out alcohol, snacks, and carbonated beverages...) I lost 5 pounds. Going to try and double down next week


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