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"How much lava can my mage hand hold?". I'm never sure which questions may come up as a DM and that's half the fun


My knowledge of html is the same as a jiu jistsu blackbelt. I am trained, but every day I hope to God I never have to use it.


The absolute mad lads did it again. "THE MEXAGON: Flour tortilla buns (filled w/ chips, guacamole, pico de gallo + cheese), pulled pork, salsa, fried jalapeƱos + chipotle mayo."


New desk arrived today. Pretty tall, but I like it. Bonus Nora, Arwing, and Coke mirror


"The board is gonna be on my ass if I don't get that powerpoint, but I also have to 360 headshot scrubs". In the market for a gaming chair. Recommendations?


Pedant rant: AOC likely had way more than 400,000 people watching her stream. That number is the verified floor of people. Because of everyone entering an leaving, unique viewers could be anywhere from 400k to over 1M.


ICYMI - Octopath Traveler is half off on steam today. Great classic RPG


Was this meant for yesterday? Or is this a today thing? Its pretty arbitrary anyway.


AOC is on twitch and has over 300,000 viewers. A fun diversion from this timeline.


I am actually streaming FF7! Pretty much a blind playthrough. Twitch.tv/taterchimp!


Made a somewhat obnoxious D&D puzzle I'm sure my players will loathe, but from a logic point of view I kind of love it.


I never played FFVII. I need a new game to stream. These two things may line up eventually. Throwing lots of mods at it to try and make its age a little more bearable.


I think, in the parlance of our times, I am simping for Carol in Archer 1999


I do enjoy the feeling at work of "I don't have permissions to do that, but I do have the permissions to edit my permissions". Fortunately in this case, this is working as intended.


Snowfall, and then in an hour I'm getting a qtip to the brain to test for the plague. What a wonderful Monday.


My farts could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon


Hell yeah. Just in time for Halloween - a signed photo from everyone's favorite stunt double / slasher: Dick Warlock


Move over Link, BotW is for Burger of the Week now - "REDNECK ZOMBIE: biscuit bun, chicken strips, bacon, pepper jack cheese + chipotle ranch."


Well isn't this just adorable


I bought a Logitech mouse, and its pretty great, but it has a lip that I want to grab instead of resting my thumb where they designed it to rest. If I rest it there it feels like my hand is going to cramp. May have to get another new mouse soon. Bleh.


Looking up carpal tunnel syndrome and saw under risk factors: "Sex" and I was like "have I been doing it that wrong this whole time?" Reading further, it was gender.


262 hours later, I finally have all 42 Warframes


Grinding the last robot in Warframe at twitch.tv/taterchimp. Watch me slowly die inside, live on stream!


I'm glad I chose to live in Des Moines for many reasons, and today marks a very special one with this sign being set up outside the airport.


Can I request some trance Tuesday?


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