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I beat Sunset Overdrive. If you like Spiderman, JSRF, Ratchet & Clank, Borderlands, Scott Pilgrim, Deadpool, constant media references, and just having fun, I recommend it


Des Moines be with you, gajknight


Brad/Claire fanfic excerpt: *zip* Look at this big boy. Just going to give you a quick bop bop bop. Looks like some kinda snowglobe, dont you think *looks towards camera* Vincenzo.


Dungeons Delved. I had a trap come to me in a dream, and I had no less than 7 ways to clue the party in to its nature. The first guy in the room immediately set it off. (bump with description in comments)


"Reverse necromancer" is going to be my next D&D class


Upside of pet ownership is being able to call yourself daddy whenever you want


I know we can make games look super pretty, but I want them to make a game where each enemy has bones and organs and blood that determine how they die, instead of just having HP pools and hitboxes.


Yeah, the movement in Sunset Overdrive is really good. You are constantly pushing buttons to move, and once you have all the options unlock you are just parkouring through the whole game half stylishly. Good stuff.


Current mood. Photoblog to follow, maybe


Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year: The spring arcade auction! If any of y'all are in central Iowa, stop by Altoona and check them out. I'm looking at Sunset Riders and Strikers 1945 right now, but Ill see whats there!


Gonna do a 24 hour Baten Kaitos Stream. Not really, but I might do a regular stream of it, because I sort of remember liking a game where the plot is you are Sepharoth and you are trying to stop Kefka from summoning Exodia.


What games have you stopped playing after 20+ hours because you realized you stopped having fun?


Had a strange discussion (to me) on soundtracks with friends of mine. So DToid, how important are soundtracks in games to you? https://www.strawpoll.me/17607172


When Halo comes to PC, can we get a LASO crew? I want to feel the hatred.


Borderlands x JSRF is pretty fun so far.


I was thinking that old shooters where there were power weapons at specific locations and you had to rush them, and I realized thats just what the Battle Royale model is. Time is a circle


Back from a hiatus. tldr; everything is turbo fucked


Sleepy puppy and a weighted blanket


Why is the pot girl on Onsett Island so crazy hot? And other drunk thoughts. #FuckCancer


"Itll only cost your life, and you go that for free". Got a good laugh out of me


Won FNM pick a pack draft last night. Good times!


Three cabinets I hope are at the arcade auction coming up: Strikers 1945, Bubble Bobble, Tapper. What would your dream machine be?


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