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I'm a man! I'm 40! I'm drunk! Is bueno! ETA: Not my birthday, just like the I'm a man I'm 40 rant. Am drunk, doe


This feels so rare. I felt a bit rude playing it right next to the bar while their music played, but was still a trip down memory lane


"BULLDOGS OF HELL: bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed wild mushrooms, blue cheese, pesto mayo + balsamic glaze.". Drake Relays! That means stay inside for the weekend, crazy drunks will be out. Also, check out my charity stream blog! May 1st! FF6!


I found the last one, too, but not in time before someone died. Still, I had fun.


I'm noticing a trend in humor where the punchline is the lack of a punchline, and it is very hit or miss with me.


Tonights plans were supposed to be playing Final Fantasy 6 in a state of retro comfort and self pity. Instead, I spent 4 hours in the ER to keep a friend with anxiety company. Give and take.


This is so Code Vein it hurts.


Did you guys know Timesplitters 2 is in Homefront?


I think 5/1 I'm going to do a Final Fantasy 6 Extra Life Charity Extravaganza for like 12+ hours.


Man Final Fantasy 6 is really, really dense. Forgot how much is packed in there, and would love to see it remade with the same quality as 7 - really just fleshing out all of the horrific scenarios that feel rushed in the early game.


Used to have a ramen place that had whiz tots - 5 spice tots with miso cheese sauce. I made some miso cheese sauce on my own and hot damn it's good. Did it with broccoli instead


I fucked up today. No food in the house so I got Zombie Burger for lunch. Blood sugar spiked above 250. I'm bitter, I'm tired, I'm sick of all of this, but this is my life now. And I am salty at multiplayer games. Time for a chill pill.


Ya boi tater is drunk. I recommend you make your own top 10 food blogs. I'm writing a 'keto' recipe blog. And uh...yeah. Like you guys. Keep being you.


Char siu, chicken, egg rolls (lol) and veggies in a ginger sauce. This is a more than adequate burger replacement.


Saddest of days as there are no Zombie Burger specials this week. I'll have to explore some other wonderful Des Moines options for dining.


My A1C is down from 10.0 to 5.6 and I'm off my 'betus meds. Still have to keep a really sharp eye on carbs and sugars, but its managed.


I'm excited to play the Warhammer 40k ARPG more today, but I still am not convinced its very good.


Lightly fried pork chops with a vegetable cauliflower risotto


Played a bit of XIII. It was pretty okay up until the stealth section, then I decided to take a pause. I also wrote a food blog of my top 10 meals right now.


Watching My Cousin Vinny on YouTube (its free!)...and wow Marissa Tomei is a real firecracker


Saw some cool arcades today. No ddr because there was a Moobys pop up. Sad day


Playing DBD while drinking Mojitos on stream. Twitch.tv/taterchimp


"UNDEAD BREAD: French toast buns, fried egg, Canadian Bacon, bacon, maple-bacon cream cheese, maple syrup + powdered sugar". I fucking love maple, but have to cut sugar so this one is unfortunately a pass for me.


EA has announced The SIMpS, q3 2022! Stan for your favorite females from Apex Legends, Star Wars, Madden, and more!


So we doing The Council wars today?


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