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Thats 3/4 vault hunters at level 50. Will get back to Zane once I'm immeasurably bored.


Okay, now I want a tactical role playing game featuring only Smash characters


Alright, I'm losing my mind here - how I can I enlarge a web page on Chrome in iOS? I don't want to make all the font on the iPad huge, just one site. I can't believe that this simple feature is such a pain in the ass.


9 years ago, I got the best ending in Nier on the 360. I would love an HD remaster so I can hate myself all over again.


What games do you like to talk about more than you like to play?


I just saw the term "weeaboomer" and I think I love it


My 2 white whales: review talking about how he would rather skin animals with his dad, and the game where you can pray like 100 times for a ticket if you messed up somewhere else.


"This is my dog. He hasn't been himself lately"


Playing Borderlands to the Nier / Automata OST because I love tonal dissonance.


Threw an Outer Worlds blog out there, because I'm too drained to play games, so why not finish up writing about them.


Saturday plans. I encourage you all to do the same if you can!


Got an hour into the FFX port on Switch, and its rough. Lots of lip sync issues, and tablet controls displayed for a tutorial. Interested to see where it goes (this is my first run), so Ill keep at it despite that for a bit


Chonky dragon boi. I love the design much more after painting it. Need glue in order to get all the wings on (1 pair not shown)


Still need to paint: pursuer, mimics, gaping dragon, and heroes


Relaxing dark souls painting kind of night


Nintendo Direct Prediction: Pokemon Zed & I Griega announced.


I found this band as the backing track of a porno vid, and I definitely dig their work, so figured I would share.


Goal for 2020: no fountain of blood in my mouth after using my electric toothbrush.


Okay, I think I don't like Outer Worlds, but I'm going to beat it despite that and write a blog about what I didn't like. It has the same kind of problems as Deus Ex Mankind Divided.


Playing Outer Worlds and after a very high initial difficulty, everything seems trivial and plots seem boring (just got off the big city ship). Does it get better?


Yall remember "I made a game with zombies in it?" That game was tight


I think the most entertaining game I played last year was Sunset Overdrive. One of those games that was made just for fun


Accidentally made my character a female in Outer Worlds. Mustache, beard, and all. Oh well, just adds to the charm?


Orange whip is a delicious drink which I am using to travel unwillingly and headfirst into the new year.


The games I played this year are in a super depressing cblog that covers why 2019 was a burning garbage fire. Earthbound is still fun, though


Free Impossible Lair. Sweet capstone to a lot of awesome goodies.


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