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This sword does bleating damage. Too much will put you to sheep


Ooh, those are some hot tamales


Braunschweiger on pumpernickel with baby swiss and homemade agurksalat. So good.


This style of meme really understands my sense of humor


Pierogi burger? I think thats a pass from me, dawg


After a long break I'm DMing some D&D tonight and I'm so excited for this campaign.


Getting older I have started making more noise when I stretch (in the privacy of my own home). Last one could have been a DBZ power up scream. Feels good. Pic unrelated.


Lessons that apply to Smash and also mandolins (culinary): Always edge guard. My poor thumb is missing a lil chunk. But I do have agurksalat, so its kind of worth it?


Playing Path of Exile and couldn't help but think it. No Laws with the Claw


Game 31 of 2022: Path of Exile. Mindless grind, free to play in the good way, and now works with a controller well enough. Got really hooked into it, and plan to play the end game a bit, probably until the league ends.


Have a bonus: "Our BBQ Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese pizza combines the amazing flavors of mac and cheese, pulled pork, cheddar, crispy jalapenos and onions topped off with a BBQ lattice. "


Extra life has a charity event where you can win a dice tray. I found the idiot box at the grocery store. These two are related.


"PLANET TERROR 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: fried onion strings, bacon, cheddar cheese, Sweet Heat BBQ sauce + smoky cheese sauce." May have to lumber over there, because this is part of my 'would' pile.


Sometimes games are a chore, and sometimes you put more hours in a game than you put in hours at your job. Path of Exile with controller, we salute you.


Every day this month, this year, this decade.


Every few months, I get the urge to Play DotA again. And yet, I am also terrified to go back.


PoE seems fine on a controller. May make that my next game dujour


Lets say you are playing an RPG and get a permanent upgrade item. Do you use it to: Round out your party, double down on a high attribute, give it to the main character, or something different?


Even drunk I can do 25 lines per minute in Tetris. Getting gooder


Tattoo: Bub from Bubble Bobble, the fruits from Ms Pac Man, or the frog from Frogger's Marquee?


Game 30 of 2022 is Tales of Berseria. Turns out Tales games are all pretty good. Plays like a fighting game, Magilou is best character, and was overly sexy. Slightly overstayed its welcome in my mind, but still glad I came back after 4 years to beat it.


I remember renting a PS1 RPG about a dude and a pink dragon called Guardians Crusade, and my lifes regret is never beating it. Also, rented Bust a Groove a lot, but can't get it to sync right playing on a not-downloaded copy.


Posting what is one of my favorite music videos:


Dentist appointment today, and they said they needed to grab an instrument. I suggested a Tuba toothpaste, or a water Piccolo. Any others?


Nobody talks about Octodad anymore.


Watched RRR. Really good. More details in comments.


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