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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Mod Wishlist

I have been playing an awful lot of Dark Souls. Probably too much. I have started praising the sun whenever we get a new hire at work, and I have been engaging in jolly cooperation with my coworkers. With the release of a PC edition, I decided to create a list of what I wanted to see from mods in the community. Minor spoilers, and also semi-NSFW.


1. Hardcore Mode

I know what you are thinking: This game is already hardcore enough. Any game developer worth his salt can tell you that you are wrong, and that the game needs to be taken to the next level: permadeath. Starting on a serious note, this adds the next level of commitment to each of your decisions: are your really ready to take on the Capra Demon? Are you sure you can make it past the Crimson Hellkite’s breath? Do you think you can beat Seath the first time around? Well...shit, that ends literally everyone’s run, so a new rule for this mod: rings of sacrifice are allowed as continues, but cannot be purchased. But wait, that’s not all! After beating the game with your limited lives, the game would go straight into Hell or Hell mode, where a single hit from any enemy kills you, but they all have New game ++ health. Are you ready for the challenge? Did you have an excess of controllers? This mod is for you!

2. Sif of the North Star Mode

One of my most recent runs was a fist only character (using cestus +10 followed by the Dragon bone fist) along with Power Within. It felt like Ryu from Street Fighter had sex with Goku from DBZ, and his son used a Kaio-ken Shoryuken to destroy all in his way. But it could clearly get one step better with the addition of the Hokuto Shinken school of magic. Your fists now have bleed build up, dealing 50% blood loss as you strike your opponent’s pressure points. An entire new school of magic, featuring restorative traits for your own pressure points, and massive explosions for your opponents. The best part: All backstabs now leave your opponent with 1 second for every 25 health they had before you used it before they literally explode. They won’t even know they are already hollow.

Not terribly related

3. Apples to Soapstones

After your first playthrough, you have seen every funny combination. “Need Head” “Amazing chest ahead” in front of Gwendolyn. And, my personal favorite, “try heel” in front of Sif. That last one is my own doing, and is a god damn classic! Feel free to use that, and get all the karma you want. However, there needs to be more phrases, and with more phrases a new game! Each player gets two soapstones, a green soapstone and a red one. The green stone writes down a adjective, then each player with a red stone can write a noun from the game. For instance “holding with both hands” could be “Solaire of Astora” because he is totally dreamy, and I think he was into me. He kept hitting on me by the bonfire in Anor Londo, and I haven’t seen him hanging around any women.... The best suggestion of course wins one humanity, while all other suggestions immediately die and turn hollow. First to kindle a bonfire to 20 estus flasks is the winner!

4. Link to the Past Mod

Upon entering a new dungeon, the chosen undead finds a new set of armor: The Heroes Garb. After donning the signature cap, all enemies are transformed into their Hyrulian Counterparts. Skeletons become Stalfos. Hollowed are now Moblins. Channels are Wizrobes. Maneater crabs are snapdragons. The knights of Gwyn are replaced by Darknuts (or, as my family always called them, kitty knights). The possibilities are (figuratively) literally endless! The game does have a lot of things going on for it already: fire arrows and light arrows do exist, as does the master sword (pick your favorite, I’m going with Greatsword of Artorias), bombs, and the magic fog cape. Of course, bosses would be changes to their counterparts as well. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder is now Gannon, The Aqueamentus replaces the Hellkite, and so on.

5. Havel the Cock

Or, if you prefer, the 'Lordran Saints Row'. Googly eyes optional. And yes, the backstabs on this weapon would be pricless.

So what do you want to see?
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