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Blindly Walking into the Abyss: Day 1

�If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you�

I want to preface this with something. I have one major, MAJOR, problem with Dark Souls: The game is absolutely, way too good. It is insane. I put about 200 hours into the game, and got all of the achievements except technically one. I was going through collecting all the weapons, then ragequit after a bad experience with Jay and Silent Bob. I swore that after dozens of playthroughs, hundreds of hours, and exhausting 3 separate podcasts, I would never play the game again.

Then I built a gaming PC. Then Steam had it on sale. Then Amazon. Fifteen dollars? For one of my favorite games this generation? With DLC? Of course I will! Better yet, I have had almost no exposure to the content - the only gameplay I saw was some of the fight against Artorias. Everything else is completely blind. And after getting to the point where I know Lordran better than my own house, that is refreshing to go into Dark Souls blind again. In addition, this is my chance at redemption..you see..I beat Dark Souls by crowdsourcing the answers to the internet. The first playthrough I used every guide and YouTube channel I could to win. I knew every trap, every boss, every jump, and...about half of the equipment. So today, I bring to you, my experience of playing the Dark Souls DLC blind. I do apologize for any moments that didn't receive a screencap. You see, it is hard to find F12 while you are receiving a proctology exam done with a rusty sword.

Also, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the PC version. I was getting 15 frames per second while playing at first, and it really sank my heart. My rig can run Team Fortress at like, 1000 fps, why would Dark Souls run so poorly? Turns out, the mods that people put out there made a HUGE difference. The game looks beautiful running at a smooth 60, and has really made me love all the more. Major props to the people who came up with the fixes for that, but rather discouraging from Fromsoft. I hope that there is a PC version for 2, as PC is now my preferred platform, but I will probably have to dust off the 360 to play that one. Another noticeable difference? Hardly anyone has summoned me as a white phantom. I must smell or something. Maybe when I praise the sun, people are warning me of 'be wary of deodorant'.

You have to do the victory shrug, or the kill doesn't count. It's like tea bagging in Halo that way.
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