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Ghostbusters - Quick Review

In case you missed my positively glowing Snap Judgment on this title, I'll do a quick rehash. I was positively glowing about this game an hour in, and hoped it could keep the nostalgia train rolling on the tracks to absolute retro bliss. ...


Prototype - Quick Review

Let me start by saying that Prototype turned out the be EXACTLY what I expected of it, and your satisfaction may vary based on your preconceptions. In case you don't know, Prototype is a sandbox type game, a variation of the formula that ...


My AS IS Setup.

After being inspired by Cadtalfryn's keepin' it real type setup, I decided to post a couple of pictures of my setup in it's natural state. So here it is, unedited, unfiltered, and IN THE RAW. Note the Ginger Ale (mine) and Coke (girly) ...


2 Years of Gaming (Intro Post)

If you had 2 years to do nothing but game, what would you do? I'm about to find out. I'm Mike, - an avid long time D-Toid reader, sparse contributor (until now). My life in the states consisted of running my small comic store in Dayton...


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