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the obligatory metroid post

The project I am working on for my c-blog is nearly done (it's just a matter of getting all the screenshots together). Until that is ready to go, I give you this. Ratings based on generic scale of x out of five and yes, there are more sentence fragments for you.

The original is still the best. The most non-linear game in the series. Make sure you have the NES Advantage for this one, though. It makes the game slightly easier.
rating: 4/5

Metroid II: Return of Samus
This title is pretty solid, although very linear. Some new concepts in the game, but due to the limited Gameboy palette, it is actually pretty hard to figure your way through SR388.
rating: 3/5

Super Metroid
The best title in the series. Awesome graphics, game play, and atmosphere. Lots of sequence breaking opportunities as well. If you've never played it before, turn in your Gamer License, cause it's no longer valid.
rating: 5/5

Metroid Prime
Metroid's first 3D adventure and it's remarkably good. A few chances to sequence break, but the game difficulty ramps up real fast at the end.
rating: 4/5

Metroid Fusion
A mission based Metroid, huh? The cut scenes don't really do much for me, but there is a lot of solid game play, even though there are not too many sequence-breaking opportunities until after you've cleared the game.
rating: 4/5

Metroid: Zero Mission
Pretty solid title, although some of the dexterity involved in doing some more of the advanced moves (multiple shinesparks) are sometimes so hard to do, that the game gets really frustrating at times.
rating: 4/5

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Another game that plays on the dark/light dichotomy? Meh. This game was just irritating (having to move between worlds) and the difficulty of some of the bosses was just insane.
rating: 3/5

Metroid Prime Pinball
Surprisingly fun, even though there aren't a lot of tables for this game.
rating: 4/5

Metroid Prime: Hunters
Ugh. I had pretty high hopes for this one and it failed miserably. Controlling an FPS on the Nintendo DS was to me at least a futile and irritating endeavor. This is Metroid meets multiplayer FPS and it was really disappointing to me.
rating: 2/5

A word about Metroid Prime: Hunters: Yes, I realize that there really is no way to make a *good* FPS on a portable system and Hunters tried a new and unique way to do it, however "unique" does not usually equal "good or well laid out". The controls never became second nature (to me at least) and if I have to consciously think about the controls of the game all the time, there is something wrong. It wasn't for a lack of trying though. I got halfway through the game before I finally got fed up with the controls. This was on top of my hand falling asleep due to how I had to position the DS and the stylus to play the game.
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