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laserdisc games (anime edition)

Most everyone has heard of Dragon's Lair. It was a Laserdisc game that came out in 1983 with animation from our good friend Don Bluth. The style of the animation was cinema quality Disney-style animation (which is appropriate as Bluth used to work for Disney). What some people may not know is that Japan also released several Laserdisc videogames right when the Laserdisc videogame craze was at its height of popularity.

An interesting side note, most of the animation production for the Japanese Laserdisc games come from Toei Animation. A notable exception is Cliffhanger, which is comprise of footage from Hayao Miyazaki's "Castle of Cagliostro" (The "miss" sequence is actually from "Mystery of Mamo").

I had a particular fondness for Time Gal. Yes, I am aware that the game is not all that great but there seems to be a bit of rose-colored nostalgia associated with that game for me. Ninja Hayate came out around the same time as well (Taito released both games in 1985, the home versions were handled by Wolfteam).

In a piece of worthless trivia, the main protagonist from Time Gal, Reika Kirishima reappears (redesigned) in Shikigami no Shiro III (Castle Shikigami III).

Here are links of some of the anime style Laserdisc games (I've left out the Laserdisc game Bega's Battle which was comprised of footage from Harmageddon).

Cobra Command (part 1/3)
Cobra Command (part 2/3)
Cobra Command (part 3/3)
Road Blaster
Road Blaster (intro)
Road Blaster (Miss Scenes)

Finally, completely anime unrelated am I the only person in the world that remembers playing Star Rider?

Oh yeah and Astron Belt kicked ass.
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