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No More Heroes. Sexy.

I haven't played the game. Hell, I haven't even seen gameplay videos or anything. But a screencap is all I need to really, really want this No More Heroes--if for nothing else, to drool over the brilliant artwork and graphics. There's so...


Hello, Destructoid: the first blog?

Yes. Well, I've had my account for a little while, and have been wondering just what would be a suitable first blog. Honestly, I'd rather just get started with news, rants and similar videogame-related crap, but I oughta introduce myself,...


About supermetroidone of us since 10:55 PM on 01.14.2008

Er, hi.

My name's Mari, I play games, coincedentally I am also a girl. I live on the chunk of land called Canadialand, also know as America's hat.

My friends know me for enjoying talking about the games even more than playing them, so I suppose that works well for a blog.


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