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What now? My disappointment with Fable II

As many of you are aware, I haven't been active here on Destructoid for quite a while. This was partly because of my lack of interest in a lot of games which had been coming out over the last couple of months particularly during the summe...


Nintendo has officially abandoned us

After Nintendo's disasterous (yes, I do mean disasterous. Toys are not videogames) press conference the other day, there was one thing on every gamers mind: Have Nintendo completely lost touch with the hardcore gamer? Do they really care ...


No Price drop for PS3

In the scoop of the century, it seems that Sony has confirmed that the PS3 will not be recieving a price drop in the near future. According to, Nobuyuki Oneda (I didn't know who he was either) has stated that Sony is comm...


Rock Band 2 Setlist?

According to videogaming247 (and succintly gathered together by Eurogamer), the complete setlist for the upcoming Rock Band 2 (due in Novemeber) has been revealed. Of course this may all be utter garbage, and it does seem a little early, ...


Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Blood Bowl

5. It's a sports game I can get into What's that EA Sports? You wonder why games journalists are reviewers don't give you a fair go? Here is the answer: Less overated "Sport Stars", More fucking Orks with big axes! I mean really, I rarel...


Over 9000 My Bollox!

*Entering Jim Stirling Rant Mode: You know what? Fuck you Jim Sterling, you fucking cunt! I refuse to bow to you're bloody stupid c-blog ruining cuntology on this occasion. You sit there in you're Ivory tower (or taxi company) and practica...


Driv4r? Ubisoft says so...

According to European gaming news site Eurogamer, Newcastle studio Relections is once again working on a Driver sequel, this time under the watcful eye of new owners Ubisoft. While the last couple of Driver games were far from up to scrat...


EA thinks 'Cult' of Journalists is out to get them

According to, EA chief John Riccitiello believes that there is "cadre of Journalists" who refuse to give EA's repetitive year on year Sports titles the benefit of the doubt. He goes on to imply that "anybody with a pen" (...


Points Make it Better #1: Sonic 2

Sonic 2 (originally released on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis) is quite possibly one of the greatest platforming games released on any system. Ever. No, wait, we're not twelve year olds so let's just leave the stupid "Mario is Bettar!" argum...


Leipzig Games Convention 2008

I was thinking recently of heading to the Leipzig games convention this august and was wondering if anyone else was going or if anyone wanted to form up a Destructoid "team" to report on this event. Leipzig is fast becoming the most importa...


The Reason PS3 doesn't have downloadable movies

Jesus, I am so fucking sick of people being too stupid to realise why Sony doesn't (yet) have downloadable movies on the PS3! Okay, probably not the most civilised way to start a blog but after listening to 4 podcasts which mentioned the ...


People give Blue Dragon a hard time

I admit it, I used to HATE Blue Dragon. I mean, when I started that game I could not stand it. The choppy frame rate, the annoying way they run/walk, the awful voice acting, the apparent lack of plot... the list goes on. Genuinely, were i...


Intel Annouces Six-Core Processors: 100% Pointless

According to Betanews, Intel have announced the release of Six-Core processors in the coming year. It is likely togo into production during the summer and will probably be available toward Q4. Intel has also gained a huge advantage (or ...


Bioware talk Dragon Age in Molyneux Proportions

While talking to Eurogamer recently, Matt Atwood, a senior PR ass made such broad and hype filled statements such as 'this is the RPG that people have been waiting for' and that this is what fans have been "wanting forever". Now I know th...


Like a 360 without a Control Pad...

So I'm on Easter Break from College (we get a week off) and I was planning on finishing a few games that I had been playing for the last while i.e. Blue Dragon (so I never need to play it again), Forza 2 and COD4. Unfortunately my brain a...


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My name is Billy i.e the Fantastic Super Hobo!
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