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Why? Why must you leave me?!

Two days ago, my 360 died. I'd seen it coming, it's been noisy lately (noisier than usual) and last week the colours went crazy on it. Two days ago, the colours did the same thing, so I tried turning it off... and on...

Black screen.



"...Aw shit!"

No red rings, nothing, just "NO SIGNAL". Now I have another problem, the 360 support site won't let me register the console. I enter all the details, submit and it just brings me back to a blank form again. Fuck. Sake. It's not like I didn't expect it to happen, but the least I expected was to be able to get it repaired!

Perhaps the reason I'm most upset is the ammount I've invested in the system: More than twenty games + accessories. All of the years I've been defending the console... I basically have to either get it replaced or buy a new one when the price drops: My investment is too high not too.

But Microsoft, know this: If I have to buy a new 360, I'm pickin up a PS3 slim too, and from then on if a game is multiformat it's gettin bought on the PS3.
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