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My Gaming Room: Hobokart Edition

Having been an active participant in this site for nearly two years now, it seems kind of odd to finally be posting images of my entertainment room after all this time. Then again, I guess it's about time I did so. It's not very special, and it's lacking in so many ways, and yet I love it just the same. The main reason I'm posting all of this is that within the next couple of weeks I'll essentially be demolishing the room as it is now, replacing most of the shelving, painting it and getting a nice new leather couch-bed. Also, by that stage I hope to have delivery of a Megadrive, SNES, Dreamcast, Saturn and assortment of games for these systems. Missing from these pictures are a Gamecube and PS1 which I don't bother setting up because the Wii and PS2 can handle them. Also missing is my Blu-ray Sony Vaio which is off being repaired.

You will notice straight away the lack of discernable swag, that's because I don't really tend to have much. I do however have a big "wall of weird" which contains a random assortment of things which catch my interest.

Anyway, on to my games collection, whcih has been severely neutered by years of foolishly selling and trading in my valuable games and older systems. I am now in the process of trying to get a few of these systems back, but at the moment I'm limited to the more modern systems: 360, Wii, PS2 and DS.

And finally for the truly voyeuristic among you: My DVD's and Books.

That's all she wrote.
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