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Why video games will be banned forever.

When you're sitting in your bean bag, playing some Viva Pinata after a rousing session of bible reading (Over 100 pages in one sitting! Your priest has GOTTA hear this!) you may stop and ask yourself, "Why do so many people want video games banned?"

With so many outlets and so many bigger problems out there, it can be a little confusing to the na´ve and home schooled as to why video games are such a big target. When acts of violence and cruelty are questionably linked to video games without so much as a piece of plastic in the culprits own home, it can be a bit odd to be sure.

But for those without the capacity for higher learning or the simple comprehension of human stupidity and ignorance, we have comics. Comics, with a message.

the bigger picture

And with one, quick breeze. One quick sigh of God's voice, all is explained, and the future is made clear.

If we don't want video games banned forever, we all need to flip out and fucking shoot people.
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