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So.... My Xbox 360 Just Died

Yea.... Playing Unreal Tournament 3 on the 360 has decided to kill my Xbox 360. Now, its not the dreaded 3 red rings of death, its the 1 flashing red ring with an E47 error message. Now, after checking Xbox.com/support and trying out all th...


About superbeefy2050one of us since 1:34 PM on 03.20.2007

19 Year old diabetic who lives in Acworth, Georgia (yes we say ya'll alot).

Used to work 2 jobs: 1 in the afternoon and 1 at night and therefore could never participate in FNF. That all changed when I said fuck you and walked out of the night job. Now I play every Friday.

I'm a casual gamer that started playing the NES when I was 5. My uncle bought it for me and I fell in love with it. I was never really hardcore about games and therefore never heard about the SNES, Sega systems, or the original PS1 when they came out. Thanks to a friend of mine down the street, I heard about the N64 and begged my parents to buy me it. Got one and loved Goldeneye, SSB, Mario, and found out about Starcraft. Then I found out about the internet and thats when I became real hardcore about games. I got a PS2 for my 14th b-day and thats how I came to really, really love games. I jumped ship from Sony to Sexbox when I found out what kind of games were out for each system and now I'm a 360 fanboy.

I mostly play FPS and therefore I own a 360. Favorites: COD4 (omg yes), Halo 3 (meh), Orange Box, and Guitar Hero 3.

My name
In the 4th grade, my friends and I had the idea to come up with nicknames for each other. Cockroach for the kid who had a last name Roach. Einstein for the kid who was smart as hell. At the time, I was kinda big. So my name was Beefy. It stuck and I went all through elementary, middle, and high school with the name Beefy. As I learned about the internet and needed a scree name, I randomly came up with Superbeefy2005. 2005 didn't have any significance and the Super part was decided randomly. I then came up with Beefmaster5150 on my grandma's computer, but that wasn't as cool as Superbeefy2005, so I decided to merge the two and make Superbeefy2050. Bam, now I'm here looking for video game info and looking for people to play online.

Thats about it for me. Oh, I forgot to mention that the PS3 is an expensive paper weight and the Wii is a joke. I joke about it all the time to my friends. (Man I knew I should've gotten a Wii. Lets go to my house and play with my Wii. I wanna go to my house and play sports, ON MY WII!!!)