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Training: To be the best (of bronze league)

Once upon a time in the year 2010. There was a game called Starcraft 2. I pre-ordered it for my aging gaming laptop and so started my journey into the world of Zergs, Protoss and human assholes.
My flatmate and college friend was well versed in the ways of Starcraft 2 because of the beta but he didn't pre-order in time. So I kindly gave him a time code card that came with and my installation DVDs and off we went!

At first I gave the multiplayer a try and was surprised by the way the multiplayer was structured, compared to the original where by the time I started the only ones remaining were the good and the pro that pummelled newcomers in a matter of minutes.
But SC2 was different it asked what race I wanted to play and practically said "We want to see how good you are. Have a few matches against people." It seemed nice, comforting to know that I can show what I am worth and be put with people of similar skills to breed some actual competition.
Now this is where the game got smart on me. Despite me winning most of my games. It still put me in the bronze league. I asked my friend about this and he explained it's all about how well you use what you know and APMs and such. This gave us an idea. We will play really dumb in the five 2vs2 games to see what league we will join, we were aiming for bronze so we could try to dominate the league. We decided to be protoss and just spam zealots at one base until they crumble. We thought it would never work. Surely people will defend their bases and destroy us. How wrong we were.
The first match was won in a matter of minutes. Getting zealots churning out was easy. Simply harvesting minerals and building more gateways and pylons just did the trick. We overran the opposition.
I went downstairs to my friend and burst out laughing. We wanted to let this tactic roll and see where it led us. The next 4 matches weren't as straight forward. So we built more gateways practically outside people's bases. We got determined. We got ambitious. We got into silver league.

This was a big mistake for us as we were over our heads. My friend wasn't good enough to carry me into winning matches. It broke us down. We tried more matches using different tactics and that didn't work either. Whoever we were pitted against were better prepared and possibly used comms better than shouting up and down the stairs.

I still play SC2. Not that often as the changes that have been made and the skill of the players are definitely a lot higher than I can get now. But I have taken to League of Legends really well! But that's another story (well a shit story to be honest).
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