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Big bomb beats little frigate

So tonight's play of Eve started with a lovely greeting message from our Corp leader telling us to stay vigilant and keep an eye out on local for any nasties lurking in space. Guess what we have been wardecced AGAIN!
I'll try and sum it up in limerick form.

There was once a man called Duckslayer
Who went a bit all fuckflayer
Pissed off the Alliance
Killing all in his stridence (eh? it supposedly rhymes)
Now my corp are all saying "Fuck a duck!"

I don't know what or why this has kicked off so we have just been told to be cautious on the way to trading hubs. Now a guy in my corp recommended going to a said trading hub and I packed some things to sell and off I went in my fancy little frigate that gets me through troubles.
As I flew along I thought it might be worth checking prices of mining ships I'm after and they were getting cheaper. But I was making so much progress. My goal was only 7 jumps away. But guess what I rolled into. A massive bloody battle between a good load of people and someone set us up the bomb. I got completely obliterated. I don't really know what happened. I ended up being a few km away from warping through a gate and a bomb went off and wiped me out along with some other guys.

My killer however wasn't from the corp that declared a war on our Alliance but was actually a band of pirates with bounties that could buy me a tech 2 battleship. I just happened to be in the crossfire. But it wasn't all bad. I swore after my death due to losing all my implants that made ickle boosties to all my stats. Plus my Merlin did have some good speed boosting upgrades rigged in.

But it's not all bad news. I finally got a new mining ship. It's a Retriever and I didn't know how bloody expensive and necessaries strip miners were. But making money has never been quicker. The best thing is that if I get this one blown up. I may be allowed another. Whoop! Corps with benefits.
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