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Why watching is best

I'm a little different from a lot of people in that I get a lot of enjoyment watching people play games. To be honest, I get more enjoyment from watching than I get from participating. I can totally veg out to a random "Let's Play" on youtu...



Lately I haven't been to excited in gaming as much as I used to be. With a lot of real life stuff going on, I just haven't had the time to get as deeply involved in gaming as I used to be. That, plus it seems that gaming is more expensive t...


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Hello! Friends call me Lupe for short and I've been into gaming since my grandparents had an old Nintendo that I would commandeer every time I visited. Lately I've been more into my PS3 and my PC when it comes to my gaming needs. Of course, work/school and general fatigue get in the way so I spend more time reading about games than I actually spend playing them. I'll be blogging my random thoughts here, so enjoy!! :3 You can get a hold of me at [email protected]