DeS: Dota 2's challenge tokens are frustrating loyal players

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Burned by the PS+ Sale

Before anyone internet shoots me to death, I want to get it out there that I love PS+ to death, and this latest sale is just another reason to jump onboard- it saves you a ton of money on some very, very good games. That being said, I was ...


2012: A Year of Great Music in Games

2012 was a big year for music in video games. It certainly feels like the industry is leaning towards putting more effort into their scores. We even saw a Grammy nomination for a song made specifically for a video game- thatís never happene...


Doing it Right: The PSN Store Overhaul of 2012

As far back as I can remember (since I bought my first PlayStation), the PSN Store has been the same: A tired blue background and a bunch of uniform tiles that are just big enough to tell what I was looking at. You'd get your featured games...


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