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Negative Nancy

I miss talking about videogames, for videogames. I miss reading about videogames, for videogames. I stopped. I made a point to pull away from the literary exchange of VeeGee's a long while ago. I still play games, and I still love games. I...


About sullyfisherone of us since 6:02 PM on 09.24.2011

There's something redundant about stating my love for veegee's on a veegee focused community, but I feel like I should.

"Hey, I like games"
Ya, I like games, and have for since I was 0 yrs old, you know the story - some kid played old games, some kid liked games, some kid grew up, some kid played new games, some kid likes new games, some kid still plays games... I'd rather not get into it.

I'm one of those semi-pretentious cool guys who's into art sometimes. Not in the elitist sorta way. In a "Ya man, that's fuckin' awesome!" kinda way. Maybe. :)

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