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About subnet6one of us since 1:49 AM on 11.14.2006

Games I'm stompin lately:
Assassins Creed--------Not great, but not as bad as everyone said.
Test Drive Unlimited------Interesting, but not great
99 Nights-----Yuck
Bullet Witch-------Guilty Pleasure
Godhand-------Oh Yeah!
GRAW----Yeah, late to the party on this one.
RE4 Wii-make----------After these controls, who wants to go back to dual analog?
FFIII on DS-----This is what I go to sleep to
Dead Rising--------Gotta bone up on my zombie slayin skills so I can prep for the release of the Wii version
Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels: This game is punishing and I love it. I'm stuck on level 4. Gah!
Halo----------As Always
Syberia----Just started up this little point and click gem on my old xbox. Too bad it's not BC yet. :(