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This week's pickups, so far. Already have Shante digitally, but I couldn't pass up the deal. Same with Ori...at least I have on Xbox, and I already got Will of the Wisps on Switch. Never played 13 Sentinels or Kingdoms of Amalor.


Good job Italy! Down to the wire,for sure. I'm American so I don't have a horse in this race, but I really enjoy ⚽ Thanks to International Superstar Soccer on N64. I learned the rules, and came to respect the sport, because of a game. Gotta love it!!


Not sure who's keeping up with Louis Rossman and his push to get "right to repair" recognized, but he just got Woz onboard! The man is an absolute legend, and I hope his donations and support will get the ballot initiative passed in Massachusetts!!


Who in their right mind would call it a last will and testament? I call it a dead giveaway.


Thank you Capcom. It was originally reported that Monster Hunter Stories 2 would require a 13 gig download, but thankfully it's just the digital. I was about to pass on the game because of it.


I'm a big fan of Muramasa, but unfortunately it isn't on Switch (I'd love all the Vanillaware games on Switch). I'm not going to say this is just as good, but so far, Bladed Fury is about as close as you can get. Pretty cheap too ($20-25).


Kinda glad the new Switch isn't the "pro" system everybody assumed. Now I can focus on finding a Series X instead.


Not a big GameStop shopper, but they're having a pretty decent sale. 30 Sentinels is $30, Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem are $35--first party Nintendo almost never gets that low. Not sure if they're still doing the B2G1 free on pre-owned. Worth a look.


I ordered this over a year ago, and totally forgot about it. Just showed up today out of nowhere. It's like finding a $20 bill in pants you rarely wear. Cool box too! (iam8bit)


Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but apparently Ratchet and Clank PS5 has a 40fps mode? Runs with all of the bells and whistles of the locked 30fps mode. Strange, but a 33% boost sounds neat. I'll try it in a little while. Just caught me by surprise.


Yeah, I went a bit overboard, lol. These are my pickups from just the last couple weeks. NMH 1&2 I ordered months ago, and a few are recent releases, but most I got from sales that stores had on Amazon Prime Day. Yes, I bought Shaq-fu. I'll explain below.


Did WAY too much retail therapy over the last couple of weeks. If anyone wanted a physical copy of the Ninja Gaiden collection, this is the japanese release. All 3 games are on the single Switch cartridge, and in English! $40-45 to import. Good buy!


Hey, I'm back. I've been in a bit of a weird place this whole month. I watched my best friend die, in a soul crushing way. We knew it was coming, but it went from a slow degradation, to very sudden. Hug your friends and family, and always value that time!


I ordered RingFit a couple weeks ago ($40, Amazon Warehouse Deals). The back of the box is damaged, but it touched nothing inside! The condition was listed as "acceptable", though out of the box, everything was brand new, still in it's factory plastic.


Why did I buy this!?!? I got it for $30, and the low number of physical copies, makes my collector brain go bonkers! I did just sell off my whooping 5 shares of AMC, so my stupidity and luck apparently cross each other out from time to time.


Where Am I? I'm gone for 1 day, and they changed everything, lol! Sorry, I don't have an opinion on it. It's still too new, I guess. Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day cook outs. Unless you're in a different country, and couldn't possibly care less.


Anyone get one of these strange postcards in the mail? The numbers on the right, is a phone number in New Mexico (obviously Area 51 related), though it shipped from California (LA). A bunch of them are circulating, I'm just curious if it's game related?


I'm watching this Zack Snyder zombie movie, but seeing Bautista and the daughter character (sorry didn't look up her name), all I can think about, is how awesome he'd be in a "Body Bags" film!! Huge Jason Pearson fan here though!!


Dark Side of the Ring, on Vice, is a crazy fun watch. Even if you're not into professional wrestling, there's a bunch to enjoy here. Tonight's episode is about the time WCW hooked up with a Japanese team to do a show in North Korea. Shenanigans ensue.


NieR Replicant is done. At least I got all the endings. I don't really care about the Platinum trophy, I just wanted all the story stuff. Good game, not great, but still worth my time.


Just finished the D ending for NieR Replicant (got A,B,C & D now). Tomorrow I'll start on E--I think E is new stuff? Not sure, as I only rented it back on the PS3. Definitely not as good as Automata, but I expected that. It's much better than the original


The second season of Love, Death, and Robots, is up on Netflix. I just started watching it, and it really takes me back to "Liquid Television", from the early 90's. Even if I didn't love the episode, I always loved how it was pushing animation boundaries!


With everything going on in the world, I should stand-up for something. Something that I truly believe, in my heart; it's literally in my arteries! I just don't trust people that use cottage cheese, instead of RICOTTA, in lasagna. It should be criminal!!!


$10 for a calculator app on Switch? I thought the Wii had a bunch of shovelware, but this is a whole new level, lol!


Okay, I just noticed something about the ps5 that is a little annoying. I have Nioh 2 as a physical PS4 copy, but to play the ps5 version, the disc needs to be in. This instantly tells the system to reinstall the ps4 version on the disc. See what I mean?


So, my luck finally ran out with Returnal. It crashed on me right before (my character was stacked too!) I was about to finally get through level 3. I didn't lose anything, other than that run, but yeeeaaah...I'll take a break today and go back to NieR.


I've never been a big Star Wars guy, but DAMN that's cool!


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