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Not sure if, or how many are interested in MMA, but DAMN is tonight's card stacked!! Usman vs Masvidal, it should be awesome. Thug Rose vs Zhang Weili--i wouldn't fight either, and I'm close to twice the size! It's rare that I'd drop $70, but I must watch


Happy Birthday! Sorry I don't have anything witty to say, but I do want to say, Thank You. Thanks for being a positive voice, in a time that feels less than positive. There's much to believe in, and continue to be excited for, and you remind me every day!


Not weed, but it was similarly kinda illegal to buy for a good while, before people realized everybody deserves a bit after a long day. Hopefully they never try to take it away again. Weed's still illegal in NC, but I've got some Delta 8, it does the job.


I've been playing a ton of PSVR this week. I finished Farpoint--i really enjoyed it! I never bought that gun peripheral, though using the controller was perfect for me. I turned off all the movement stuff, to make it like a normal FPS. -little more below.


The RE Village demo was pretty okay. By the way, the demo is live now on ps5 (I think it's on ps4?). It's exactly what you'd expect, it's Resident Evil, though that's rarely a bad thing. It looks like next gen is finally starting, with this, Returnal, R&C


So I've also been hearing yesterday's ps5 update fixes the super loud disk spin it does every once in a while. I've been on my system most of the day and haven't noticed it? Could It be 2 for 2? I'm not allowed to be this lucky.


I might be speaking too quickly, but my PS5 hasn't completely turned off from rest mode since the new update yesterday. Did they fix it while still not admitting to it's existence? Whatever, I'll take what I can get. Anybody else have this problem?


Look how tiny these are! I had to have them, they even come with the proper accessories. He-Man has his knife, battle axe, half of the power sword, and his shield. They make Ninja Turtles, Transformers, GI JOE, Power Rangers, and some others.


Got the Platinum for Astro Bot! Yay me, lol! I realized I had like 80% of the trophies, and spent a couple hours, doing what I could have done in 30 minutes, lol! There's 2 sets of trophies, though you can get the Platinum with 92%. I'm drinking blah blah


I really like to just float in the ocean and stay as still as I can. I guess it's true what they say, boys will be buoys.


I love my phone so much, I decided to marry it. So I gave it a ring. I know, it's a silly joke. Don't get so hung up over it.


When getting my Covid shot at the hospital, I met a few midwives, and struck up a conversation. I said, "I know a bunch of midwife jokes." To which one asked if I could write some down? I immediately said "No... it's all in the delivery."


I used to believe there was an entire ocean filled with grape soda, but it was just a Fanta sea.


I always thought the Ratchet and Clank 2017 reboot was perfectly playable at 30fps, but after the 60fps update, I doubt I could ever play it on ps4, with half the frames, again. I'm loving that most developers are embracing 60fps modes on next gen!!


It's on AMC right now, and I can't stop watching it!? Patrick Swayze is here to, literally (though still actually figuratively), kick your viewing pleasure into overdrive!!


So Platinum Games dropped this exclusively on Apple Arcade today!? It's a phone game, but still, I'd like to try it. Unfortunately I only have PC and Android.


Holy fart! PSVR Move controllers are crazy expensive! I hooked up my PSVR for the first time in over a year, and the light on 1 of the controllers, doesn't work! Anyway, a replacement starts at $25, for a broken controller/parts!? Stupid expensive working


My mom called all your mom's! You have to let me play in your counting club. Better or I'm telling!!! Moooooooooom!!


I scheduled my first Covid shot for Friday, because I love your grandparents. I mean, you guys are pretty okay too! Yes, this is my Zoidberg toy.


Happy National Doctors Day, to all the hard working folks working in the medical industry. How did I spend my holiday? At a new Rheumatologist office...for 6 hours!!! Anyway, thanks to all of you the hard work you do everyday. ✌️


The Cyberpunk 1.2 update is live now. I'm just posting because it started downloading, and some may be interested--i didn't notice a story on the main page, or a qpost. I'll check it out later, or tomorrow.


It's not Monday, though Amazon still shows it arriving monday-tuesday? Now I guess I've gotta play it. I was trying to finish Yakuza: Like a Dragon, though now I'm thinking I'll spend the rest of the weekend in the MH create-a-character.


THIS is why Thanos was right!! We have no right tampering with the universe. Yes, it's real, though you can't buy them. You have to win through some twitter contest. Possible plans for wide release next year.


A little late, but it's here just in time to...go on my shelf 😑 because I've been playing the digital version since release. Still a nice add to the collection. I'd say, "one day I'll learn", but I know that's just BS! Oh well.


Phil Ken Sebben is dead!? WTF!? Trailer below if anyone is interested.


"Go Pig, or go home!" Heh heh, pork puns🙃


I knew I still had "My Pet Monster"!!; he's a monster of a friend. I think it was Occam's that showed his off first? All I'm missing is the orange, velcro, hand cuffs. Nostalgia overload right now ;)!!


My #womentoid entry goes to all the strong female lead characters from Ghibli films. No princesses here, just strong women, of all ages, represented.


Part of my collection--maybe a third of it. Some of the larger (the giant Xenoblade Chronicles 2 special edition, for example) stuff is up stairs.


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