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New Limited Run delivery. Now if Walmart would send my Switch OLED!


My Switch isn't scheduled to show up until Monday, but a bunch of other stuff showed up unexpectedly. This is from B-side games in Japan, which closed up unfortunately. Finally got a physical copy of Golf Story that wasn't a couple hundred dollars.


It always happens this way. Months go by with nothing shipping, then a bunch of stuff ships within a couple weeks time. Ha ha, whatever. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


New deliveries! Got Pikuniku a little over a week ago, and Roki showed up earlier today. Both have art styles that work great on Switch.


It's hard to believe this is Ember Lab's first game, and apparently it was developed by around 25 people. It's very impressive for their first try. I hope they continue making games like this, though for such a cutesy game, some bosses kicked my ass!! Lol


Damn it! I was joking when I said, just like the Genesis/Mega Drive mini, that Japan will get the 6 button controller, but there it is, ha ha. I wasn't planning on getting it anyway, but it's just odd. I shelled out to get it for the mini though. Uhg! Lol


Broke down and ordered this Tuesday because it was sold out everywhere, except GameStop. Anyway, it's pretty great! Pure arcade silly fun! It runs really well on Switch too. Made by Eugene Jarvis' company (Robotron, Defender, Smash TV, etc.) Arcade legend


Actraiser remake?! Today?! Hell yeah!!


Bucket list destination that will never be fulfilled. I guess I have to count the virtual times from the Yakuza games. Close enough?


Seriously, too many games. So Strictly Limited is going to be rereleasing a butt ton of the Cotton series games. I'm gonna need to check my couch for some loose Bitcoin. 🤞🤞 😍😞😍😞 It's like the Futurama Snu Snu episode, lol. Happy and sad


Kena is a lot of fun! Kinda reminds me of Starfox Adventures, the she moves, and uses her staff. So far so good!


Finally had a chance to finish F.I.S.T. last night. Really good metroidvania. I only encountered a couple small glitches, but overall I agree with Chris, solid 8 out of 10. I know there's a bunch of games out soon, but don't sleep on this one. Great game!


I mentioned FirstPress games yesterday. They don't have many games yet, but this is what they all look like. All come with this nice slip cover, but modeled after each game. They also come with a coin. This company is in the Netherlands. Game deets below.


I'm sure only a couple people will care, but Razion EX is finally available for digital download on Switch. Previously it was only available if you were ready to drop, at least, $150. It very much takes inspiration from R-Type, if that's your thing.


Stuff! This is the greatest game in the history of... metacritic, lol. I guess I'll find out in a little while. I think it was a situation where it met the bare minimum number of reviews to be posted, and both of them were good, or something like that?


A buddy asked me to draw a roided up Admiral Ackbar ripping out of his uniform. I did this with a Bic pen whole working the copy center in Office Depot, good times! I'll post a few more random sketches below.


Here's a painting I finished in 2001, I think. The original drawing was from high school, so 1998 probably. It's on 11" x 17" comic panel. If you couldn't tell, I was a bit of a fan of Blade of the Immortal. Mix of pen, water colors, and paint pens.


Anybody remember these, Tech Deck's? This is probably 15 or more years old, but it seems strangely appropriate today. I was a big skater kid in junior, and high school. I found a bunch of my old artwork as well. I'll put some of it up later.


The Sony show was pretty good, even though I wanted a couple other things. Oh well,the Wolverine announcement from Insomniac was pretty wild. Probably won't see it for a couple years though. Also, Espgaluda 2 dropped on the eShop today. Cave Shmup heaven!


F.I.S.T. is a pretty rad metroidvania with some fun combat options. Great graphics and controls. Definitely worth $30!


My idea of the "good life". Watching the AEW ppv, and Shmuping it up...also kinda drunk! It shouldn't work--im dying more than normal, but having fun!! Also, Crimson Clover is the best shmup on Switch!!


Looks like Sony folded pretty quick on their silly PS4 to PS5 upgrade scheme.


2 days in a row! I'm definitely not worthy. Time for some GameGear goodness from the fine folks at M2 Shottriggers!


Finally! I ordered this 3 months ago, but for the last month it sat in a DHL warehouse, an hour away. I was starting to think it was lost. Anyway, Cave shmup, ported by M2 Shottriggers. Everything they touch is gold...unless you're just not into the genre


Oh GOD NO!! This is worse than crossing streams, and I fear our universe will collapse upon itself in a "flaming", caffeine induced, nightmare beyond repair. Humans aren't meant to harness such destructive power! Seriously, WTF Pepsi?! Don't do the Dew �


PSA: No More Heroes 3 is awesome! That is all.


Bezos little dick rocket for $69! Lol, These jokes write themself.


Played a chunk of Psychonauts 2 today. I'm really enjoying it, and it feels like a proper follow-up to the original. Most games with this much time between them usually change in drastic ways, but this...it's exactly what I wanted, more Psychonauts!


If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you're curious about the obvious fraud in the graded retro game market. If you can't see the vid, look up Karl Jobst on youtube. Very well presented, and excellently sourced!


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