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"if your not paying for the product...you are the product!" That's the realist, yet scariest quote I've heard in a while. I'm sure many of you have already seen "the Social Dilemma" by now, but I'm old school. I don't have a Twitter or Facebook account.


Well lookie there, I was starting to think it would never get here. Only took 3 quarters of the year.


I just had a strange thought. My PS5 is on it's side, and when I place a disc in, the graphic is facing up. Now think about that when the system is standing upright. I wonder how many people have their system upright and have put a disc in upside-down?


So the Series X and S are even more backwards compatible than first thought. Apparently, for $20 you can unlock development mode, and straight up load in RetroArch. I haven't seen it yet, but videos are starting to pop-up on YouTube.


I got lucky with ps5. I'm starting to get annoyed with Amazon (the place I luckily didn't get it from). Sorry, I have no sympathy for ANY issues with Amazon shipping that isn't specifically due to the post offices. I'm complaining--i don't get Zelda AoC!


Help me Hall and Oates, I'm getting destroyed by Maneater!!


Not sure if anyone has posted, or mentioned it, but CDPR put up a video this morning of Cyberpunk running on console. Specifically the 1X and Series X. The big takeaway for most people is that it looks pretty great on Xbox 1 X. I'll post the video below.


#dogtoid ? I was at the mom's house earlier. She's always had a collie, that's her thing. She's a good girl though.


So now that I've had a good 3 1/2 days with the PS5, especially today and yesterday (I've played between 6-8 hours non-stop either day), mainline shooting up on pixel crack, Demon's Souls had me thinking about the battery life. I'm outta space so, below.


Fuck this shit I'm out! Like many people, I have loved the original Demon's Souls. It's a really special game for me, and this remake truly makes that fantastic game better! The almost immediate load times take away the chore of waiting. Amazing remake


The real reason I wanted a PS5! Seriously though, the game is a lot of fun. The new powers are fun, and Insomniac did a great job with the story, mirroring what made Into the Spiderverse such a fun film. I'm sure it's just as fantastic on the PS4!!


Anyone else have an issue starting Bugsnax? I deleted and redownloaded, but it still says it can't start? Nothing else is messing up. I downloaded Days Gone just to see the difference, since I finished it on ps4 three days ago. Wow, it looks incredible!


Just out of curiosity. Didn't Sony say that they weren't interested, or looking to add an internet browser? There isn't one-that I've seen--but strangely, in the settings, there is this. Obviously it could be nothing, but it looks like something...I guess


Finally got here!! It came with a nice little card, since it was directly from Sony. It has a code on the back--I think it's just some special avatars, but whatever. Downloading everything now, and I'll mess with Astro's Playroom while I wait.


I don't understand all the comments about this thing being so big? It's really tiny! Just kidding, still waiting, though it's on a FedEx truck now, out for delivery. So any moment now.


I'll be surprised if it makes it here by Thursday, but at least it's on its way!


The first person to die, working on the Hoover dam, was also the father of the last person to die working on the dam. Even crazier, they died 13 years apart, on the same day, December 20th. I'm bored and thought that was crazy. That's all, carry on.


Got a thing in the mail today. Now I just hope I get another thing, in a week, to use this with.


No tricks, just this treat!! It was supposed to be here last Friday. I was starting to think it was lost, but here it is.


If you haven't seen this yet, you probably should. It's from the South Park guys. Pretty hilarious! I'll put the video below.


Current status? Nah, just wanted to show a picture.


Any WipEout fans FYI, Pacer is out on Xbox and PlayStation. It's developer is made up of people from Wip3out. $40, and so far I'm enjoying it. Some great tracks, and upgrade options for your ship and weapon types. Definitely worth a look for WipEout fans!


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