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Weekday Release Dates

Now I understand that a lot of people work weekends. That said, what with the weekend generally being a time when a lot of folk have at least a day or so off, I can't help but wonder why in the hell publishers have to release games in the middle of the week.

Point in case: Heavy Rain.

I am excited for this game, not just because it will be cool, but because it's a game my wife and I will likely enjoy playing together. That said, it launches in NA on a Tuesday meaning that I need to find time to get out of work and go grab it from GameStop. What does that mean? Skipping the gym. I'm going to skip running on the track to go and buy a video game. All I need is a Baconator and a coke and I'm the epitomy of the fat ass American.

I know I shouldn't be complaining. There are, after all more dire problems in the world like AIDS, hunger and war, but those are big things that I being the puny, insignificant mortal that I am, have little power over. This is a small thing and therefore more tangible.

Moreover, I could very well just pick it up with my wife after work. But then we're both hungry, and that makes us cranky and well, the loving just isn't is as good if you're thinking about hotdogs the whole time. Well, maybe it would be for her; I've never asked. The point is, stick to weekend releases please. You won't please everyone, but I'm betting it would make more of us happy. Or at just me, and that's all that matters, right?

Oh and here's looking at you Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III. Pricks.
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