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THQ are still in trouble

...and i am less than surprised. I found the below article, which you can see here on Game Uk's site. "A failure of certain titles from the THQ range to meet their sales expectations could lead to the publisher failing to break even for t...


Name My Pet!

This is simple, i'm getting a gecko in the morning, and you lucky pretty people get the chance to name it as i can't come up with anything I like. Don't let me down here, i'm giving you the chance to have an impact on my life ... and ...


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Hello, I am Mark but you can call me Steve Phoenix as that is what I go by pretty much everywhere. I generally play games on the seXbox 360, i'm a little bit of a fanboy, I also have a Wii but generally I can't be arsed playing it as it's mostly just full of games like imagine:babies and horse riding, although i did buy House of the Dead Overkill and that's very good fun. I now own a PSTRIPLE as yet i am still waiting for games to arrive, Little Big Planet and MGS4 are the first on the list.

Currently Playing:
Halo: ODST
God of War 2
Beatles Rock Band
Arkham Asylum

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Bioshock 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Brutal Legend

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Gameboy Colour
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Nintendo 64
Nintendo Wii
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Sega Megadrive
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Playstation 3

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