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Microsoft & Sky deal for Xbox Live Content (UK)

This deal will see existing sky customers the chance to have another way of viewing content on their television, and judging from the picture it seems quite interactive, I'd like to think that this means if a friend has access too you can...


Get in 'Touch' with guitar hero

See what i did there. My use of the English language knows no bounds, i am the wordsmith of my generation. Anyway, moving on... Stan Bush - The Touch, the song most have wanted on a music game since the start is now available, for free on ...


England gets DSi earlier and for more money.

All of the usual sites (game, gamestation amazon etc..) seem to have the DSi up for pre-order now, available April 3rd for 149.99, clearly we're being ripped off. For those who don't realise how much 149.99 is in dollars it's $215.84,...


THQ are still in trouble

...and i am less than surprised. I found the below article, which you can see here on Game Uk's site. "A failure of certain titles from the THQ range to meet their sales expectations could lead to the publisher failing to break even for t...


NXE Premium Theme Previews Here

all found on this forum thread. Guitar Hero Gears 2 - Destroyed Beauty Castle Crashers Forza Halo Wars Fable II Ninja Blade The Last Remnant Viva Pinata COD5 Rock Band 2 all pictures here, as I said before, are stole...


Thanks Everyone, you named the Gecko...

Thank you to everyone who came up with suggestions I liked quite a few of them but Tristero's suggestion won through. You don't get anything per say, except my love and many fictional moneys. Professor Grimlock is the official name but w...


Name My Pet!

This is simple, i'm getting a gecko in the morning, and you lucky pretty people get the chance to name it as i can't come up with anything I like. Don't let me down here, i'm giving you the chance to have an impact on my life ... and ...


finally a new blog. new 360 and recent thougts.

Firstly, long blog is long. So i've been meaning to actually write something on here for the last month or so, i'm actually appalled at my lack of Dtoid time. I've been lurking with the best but contributions have been few and far between...


It's been a while DToid...

So it's been a while since i shared some love with the dtoid community, alas i still have no job, but did spend pretty much the last month or so traveling round seeing friends, so that makes up for it. Even though I have no job, money ha...


I was made this.

I downloaded the Sony Ericsson theme builder for mobile (cell) phones. Thought i'd play about with it, and came up with this theme, and as i'm such a lovely person i thought i'd share. No idea if it'll work on any other versions of Son...


Control Games With Your Mind

It's here....the future is now, fuck your wiimotes and the flailing about like a dick while hitting your mother in the face whilst trying to get that perfect drive on wiigolf. By picking up electronic signals in your brain, this machine ...


Back in business (demo thoughts included)

My Xbox returns home! well it doesn't actually, as I instead had a brand new xbox delivered to my house to replace the faulty bag o' shite that microsoft included in my original purchase from my local Asda. Although this means my faceplat...


So what do i do with my time now?

The picture says more than i need to. The only plus side from this is that it's not costing me anything, and microsoft are even sending me a box to ship it to them in, how kind of them. Also this may solve the problem i had where the driv...


My holiday season away from the internet.

So since about the 17th, i've been away from Dtoid and the rest of the internets. Oh and what stories I have to tell, stories of travel and adventure, stories of the outside world where there exists trees and wind and lots and lots of dickh...


Seriously WTF is going on?

Ok so you in the US are living the dream, being a band or kicking ass solo on rock band, we in the UK are not however....we've got guitar hero (which btw there really arent enough downloads for yet, where's the packs? Harmonix kick one ou...


New shiny things! (basically a 360 post.)

Broken into sections for those like me who hate masses of text Dashboard Update Anyway when i finally rolled onto my 360 i find the dashboard update ready to actually works on the xbox now instead of just on the laptop screen, d...


5 games that I need a sequel for.

Ok, as I have a long day ahead I thought i'd start it off with a blog. These games all deserve sequels, mainly because at the end of the game you're left with either the overwhelming desire to play through it again or else it could be tha...


My Question is a simple one...

do these work? An Ebay Item Link my guitar hero 3 disc has decided to scratch itself, hardly noticeable however it does seem to stop me being able to play any of the bonus tracks and one track on career mode. which as you can imagine is a...


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Hello, I am Mark but you can call me Steve Phoenix as that is what I go by pretty much everywhere. I generally play games on the seXbox 360, i'm a little bit of a fanboy, I also have a Wii but generally I can't be arsed playing it as it's mostly just full of games like imagine:babies and horse riding, although i did buy House of the Dead Overkill and that's very good fun. I now own a PSTRIPLE as yet i am still waiting for games to arrive, Little Big Planet and MGS4 are the first on the list.

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