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Super Video Game Brothers - The Pilot

I decided to play a few video games last night with my little brother, and record the footage of said video games. It turns out he is just as big of a gamer as I am. He plays Minecraft, finished Pokemon, he even beat me at PlayStation All Stars and he's 10 years younger than me, but then again, X is to jump, while all the others equal HIT. So, there's some game mechanics for you! (THANKS GAME DEVELOPERS) He's not much of a console gamer, mainly because he was hooked on the portable consoles, especially Pokémon, so this will be the perfect introduction for him!

Anyway, we played The Fancypants Adventures, Castle Crashers and Playstation All Stars, and had a blast. It's been a while since I played two player games with two players, rather than online strangers. You can't beat the old local multi-player games, two controllers, and some really fun games. Priceless.

And thus, LET'S PLAY VIDEO GAMES was born, which isn't going to be the title for the next videos as it sounds dumb, neither will Super Video Game Brothers, because of silliness, and someone probably has that channel name. I'm hoping to turn this into a thing, as I have TONS of games I can play with him, ranging in different genres, while staying in the age group. And that's another thing. I'm keeping things PG rated, so no footage of me swearing or games rated above the classification 12 will be recorded, seeing as he's just a kid. As a mutual swearer that curses the heavens from time to time, it'll be a challenge.

As for recording quality, this will be considered the pilot episode, due to limitations in recording ability. I'm using a CISCO Flip Mino HD camera, which actually does a good job with sound, but I hope to invest in some form of Hauppage DVR in the future. 

So, here's the first episode!

Feel free to give some suggestions for show names, game suggestions, or whatever else! 

I'm thinking of recording other games in the future, such as Cloudberry Kingdom, Crash of the Titans, Tony Hawk, Tekken 2, Mashed Fully Loaded, Modnation Racers, Little Big Planet, Sonic All Star Racing, Move Mind Benders, and maybe a bit of Marvel VS Capcom. We'll also be doing some single player games, every so often too. Full "Let's Plays" will probably not be possible due to time constraints, but there's always the chance of one popping up. 

Hope you like it!

For other gaming news, I also write for The Game Cave, which can be found at http://www.facebook.com/JdmGameCave

I also make music, which is at http://soundcloud.com/steescribbles
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