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SSFIIHD PS3Tournament Update

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who said that they would participate in this.

The Rules are as follows.
1. The matches will be Best 2 of 3, ladder style.
2. Players will be responsible for setting up matches against one another.
3. Match results must be sent to me either the day/night of the match or the following day. I've got a very heavy work load over the next few weeks, and it's the first Christmas my wife and I are spending together married so things are a litle hectic right now. If for someone reason you and your opponent cannot schedule a match by the deadline you can get a hold of me here/PSN or on Aim. (Squirrelygdave)
4. If for some reason the winner of the tournament does not want the prize it will go to second place and so on.

The first set of matches will be listed on the 6th after I get out of work so probably around 6:30 pm est time. Registration for the tournament will continue untill this time. For those of you who are interested and not sign up now is the time to do so. For details on the tournament prize please refer to my last blog. Depending on the cost I may or may not be able to ship the prize outside the U.S./ Canada.

If anyone has any further questions feel free to ask here or send a message to Squirrelyg via PSN

Tournament Participants so far.
Scary Womanizing Pig Mask
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