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PS3 Fanboys Am Cry!!!


Now before I go into this rant let me state some things first. One I am not, repeat not an XBOX FANBOT, FANBOY, FANFAN or any other handle you want to slap on me. I am first and foremost a gamer. Secondly I am what some may consider an amateur gaming journalist. What the hell that ensues is beyond me, but I'll go with that title for lack of a better one at the moment. Thirdly and last, I've been sick as a dog and trying to finish a Spider-man 3 review. It amounts to this being extra ranty -- so excuse me while I spew. Now I have loved Sony for a long time. I have loved their systems, games and more than anything I love their electronics; which I am still a huge fan of. Ask my angel girl and she'll say proudly that we're a pair of Sony whores. Currently I do not own a PS3. I have 3 reasons for this.

1- Too damn expensive
3- Company image of arrogance (such a turn-off)

While I have debated with myself and with other family members and loved ones on the merits of owning Sony's latest console, it's become some what of a sore spot. While I'm a consumer whore at heart, I hate to support a system that it's die hard customer base can easily be lumped into the category of pompous windbag. Now let me make myself clear, I'm not referring to normal gamers who own both consoles or would if they wanted to. I'm referring to the fanatical PS3 soldiers, the ones that feel that Sony can do no wrong and are the definition of gaming. The motherfuckers who don't remember Atari, or if you wanna get old school Colecovision. Hell let me just break it back to bare minimums here, the original NES.

I've seen my fair share of message boards filled with verbal hard ons about the PS3's superior hardware, and it's heritage of fantastic games. I've heard the PS3 fanboys shit-talk 360 owners because they have an inferior console, and that the REAL next-gen games can only be played on the PS3. Well while they keep talking out of their ass the Xbox continues to make strides with the one thing that matters the most--games. Any given time I step into a Gamestop and discuss gaming with several of the the guys there, I'm bound to run into a member of the SDF--Sony Defense Force. A member of the above mentioned pompous dumb-asses crew. Now don't fret at a later time I'll deal with said Hardcore Xbots. They seem to have an almost fraternity feel to them, but for this blog I'm focusing on the insane almost zealot like dedication to Sony. So much so that it's taken stupidity to levels that boggle the mind. One of the most visible on the internet are petitions.

Ah, yes petitions, the common mans voice lumped together to form a yell. Sony fans got in an uproar once Devil May Cry 4, one of the biggest reasons to own a PS3 was announced to be coming to the Xbox 360. Sure it's just one game, and a great one too. One I'm looking forward to with tons of excitement- also one I'm glad I can play on a console I actually own now. One that a lot of people actually own. Which is why Capcom decided to make the move to bring the game to both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Again, it's coming to both platforms, but feeling like a kid who stepped out of a cold pool a lil too early and suffering from severe shrinkage, PS3 fanboys revolted. In a frenzy that I call PS3 AM CRY, PS3 fans attacked Capcoms official boards and spread online petitions as is if someone had stolen their precious teddy bears. Game after game announcement of once exclusive games, becoming multi-platform has resulted in more and more online petitions. Begging said company to please not bring it to the "shitty 360". Some have even gone so far as to announce to Capcom that this betrayal is too much and that because of this they will not purchase any Capcom games. So let's look at this for a moment. If Capcom brings a game to say the PS3 and because of the move made to bring DMC to the Xbox and it doesn't sell well on the PS3. Where do you think more exclusives are going to go? To the 360 where owners are buying games at a frenzied state. Attach rate for software on the 360 is insane, so much so that Japanese companies are noticing but that's not the point.

"DMC4 sucked anyways, no one wants that and it's not gonna bring the PS3 down- so we don't want it anyways". "VF5 sucks so who gives a shit, we have LAIR!". These are the words of a bitter asscrack. Now their at it again with HAZE. The Ubisoft FPS which has since the beginning been made to come to all major platforms, including PC. Now they're starting another petition to make it a <b>PS3 exclusive</b> to kill HALO.

To: Ubisoft & Free Radical

Haze as a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive.

If we want a Halo beater, then it cannot go multi-platform. With PLAYSTATION 3 you will have the processing power of CELL and 50GB Dual Layer Blu-ray disc to put all the content needed to make a great game out of Haze. If Haze goes multi-platform, there is a chance that the content stored on the Blu-ray disc will not go beyond 10GB because they also need to cater for the XBOX 360 and PC.


Is this going to make any difference? Doubtful. The company wants to make $$$$. People need to understand that, there is no loyalty going on here. It seems that age has come and gone. With the install base being as small as it is on the PS3, these companies need to make money and sadly enough there is no big money coming in from PS3 sales. Will that change in the future. Hopefully yes, in fact it's assuredly so but what really grinds my gears is the arrogance of PS3 fans with their machine and games. Can't we all just enjoy a damn game? This dick sizing contest with the PS3 hardware is getting retarded. In the end it's not going to really matter. So one game has to be on a few disks, so what. I understand these guys have to feel good about their 600$ purchase but just wait it out and quit your elitist douche bag attitudes. It's only making you, and your precious company look worse; and I'm pretty damn sure that's the last thing you wanna do.
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