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I know this is a gaming site, but i think the people on this site are dead cool and would love to know what everyone is listening to at the moment? I've been on a (sandy) Alex G hype for a few days with some King Krule peppered in. Whatcha listening to, Destructoid?


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About spiderlandone of us since 6:29 AM on 04.18.2020

I figured while im stuck in doors (and perpetually glued to some kind of black mirror) i may as well sign up to this site that i visit and enjoy everyday!
Currently about a generation behind the curve, but i have tipped my toe into the proverbial pool of new a few times and actually COMPLETED such hit parade titles as:

Dragon Quest 11
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Hollow Knight (tingles)
Sekiro (grumbles)

I'm currently cycling an extremely pleasant set of passtimes like so:

making music.
Eating breakfast.
Watching an ep of Twin Peaks.
Playing Old tactics games on my phone.
Eating lunch.
Dancing to the Beach Boys downstairs.
Playing Tales of Vesperia on my PS4 via my laptop as i have a non-functioning television set.
Making music.
Eating a dimly lit meal with a spousal entity.
Getting red eyed and hungry late at night and watching nightmare expo whilst playing Metal Slug on my phone.

Loving life.
Love this site!