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Bite me Gamer Jewelry and more.

Just open it and look... My stuff is worth a quick glance I promise.
So I recently posted about some of my new pieces.... Im an artist/sculptor, and I make and sell Jewelry, cell charms, key chains, hair clips... a bunch of shit... even ornaments.
Well, check my shop out, "like" it, buy something, just remember to use code "DTOID" at check out, and save a little.

Heres a link to my shop

You can also find me on Facebook, and "Like" my page!

Im Also on Deviantart!

Heres a few pics of my items.

Well thanks for looking, I hope you stop by my shop to check out even more of my pieces.

I also take custom orders... so if you enjoy the things you see, but theres something you have in mind, let me know!

Again, here is my shop link

And remember, save 10% off your whole order with code "DTOID" at check out!

Allyse Of Spaztazm
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About spaztazmone of us since 6:21 PM on 12.01.2009

My names Allyse Jenkins,
Im a bit of an artsy girl.
Im a mother,a wife,and a little bit of a gamer...just a little...
I make some pretty cool stuff, A lot of it is Gamer Related, mostly Jewelry, but also some oraments, cell charms, magnets, key chains and more.