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I played Bob's Game

As quite a few of you people here know, there has been quite a bit of brouhaha over the so-called video gaming "achievement" Bob's Game, the homebrew DS game made by one person over a period of five years. And now, after all the interviews,...


At Midnight, All The C-blogs..

Last night, I went out and saw Watchmen, and I have to say that I have enjoyed it, for what it's worth. Even so, I went in with pretty low expectations, but I still liked it a bit all the same. However, as a movie, it's nothing on par with ...


What the hell?

Seriously, what am I doing on a "leaderboard"? I have no drive to excel on this community! I don't even post all that often!


This is all your fault, Racewing!

Now I've gotten myself into the Destructoid community. Oh well. I've been trying to playing Armored Core 4 on the Xbox 360 recently. The last time I tried to play an Armored Core game, I went into debt so fast that my PSX froze up on me an...


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