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Far Cry 3 - A Reaction..type...thing.


So wow a second blog post in under three months! That's some kind of record. 

I don't think I will be doing this with all the games I beat, just the ones that make me think of things. I wouldn't also call this a review, I suppose you could call it a reaction? Or a grumble...yeah a grumble fits more.

So THREE things! This post will contain spoilers, and poorly formatted thoughts, and opinions that will probably not seem that interesting to most, so I'm just giving you that heads up now, because this is all sort of stream of consciousness right now. 

I just finished playing Far Cry 3, a game I have honestly been playing for a few months now and it's been a few months too long. I think I borrowed it from a friend back in May or June? Played a whole lot of it but then got sidetracked by much better games like The Last of Us. Now that I have finally finished it it feels like a weight has been lifted because it felt more like an obligation then an enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, I still think that is is an ok game. Hell even Yahtzee thought it was "fine", and that's just what it is. I've played a lot worse games, and I've played a lot better games. finally I understand that this game has been out for a while so I"m sure the opinions I will express have already been stated by much better writers, and my opinion may be in the minority, but oh well. On to the Grumble!

My biggest complaint about this game is the characters and how I honestly did not care for any single person in this game. I think the game does an interesting job of telling a story, and you actually see the protagonist grow and change which is neat. Too bad that that main character is a dick, and all the supporting characters are either bland, one dimensional or just crazy. Like each group of characters are awful for there own purpose. 

- Jason's buddies are rich spoiled ass holes who don't seem to learn or grow or even really go on about there experience after being kidnapped. I mean considering what was done to them I would have liked to have seen there view points of life change, but we don't get any of that. 

- Hoyt is just generic baron von evil man. Yes he gets some good dialogue and some speechafying but he is just generic I'm a bad guy, at least with Vaas you get a little more understanding on why he is evil and fucked up. 

- Vaas/Citra I think Vaas had some real potential but you only get a looksie and no real dive into why he is the fucked up guy he is. I would have loved to learn more of why he left the tribe and what caused him to be the guy he is now, but nope just hey I'm an insane man. Citra is also just bat shit but in a different way. She just uses the protagonist for her own gains but also somehow falls in love with him in a very short amount of time?

- Jason Like I said it's cool to see him change from "oh my god killing is horrible'' to '' alright more killing'', but even in being his own head it's just so bland. Honestly I hated being this guy, he's whiny, he's narrow minded and he is just a douche. I know this is a personal opinion, but I don't think I have ever disliked a protagonist more then possibly Desmond from Ass Creed. 

I guess what it comes down to it is, I just couldn't care what happened to any of them. I didn't feel connected, so as a result I did not care what happened to them. None of the choices I made or how the story progressed felt like it had any weight to it. When you are close to the end of the game you have to interrogate a prisoner and the TWIST is it's your little brother! I had completely forgotten that this guy even had a little brother, and as a result I really couldn't care less when I had to beat the crap out of him. At the end when you have the choice to either go with your friends or stay, I chose to go not because it could be seen as the "good ending", but because I disliked Jason so much I wanted to punish him and not let him stay because I feel like that is something he would have actually wanted, (even though if you choose the other ending you just wind up dying anyway) 

So really the characters are my biggest complaint about this game. When it comes to the gameplay I really had a lot of fun. There is just something so soothing about scouting and then sniping guys one by one I must say. There was some gameplay elements that I disliked though. Towards the end when all hell starts breaking loose I had some difficulties because I was either constantly healing or running around trying to switch weapons in a safe place. 

One thing that did bother me was the checkpoint system during parts of the game. There were plenty of times I was in a story driven battle or part where I had to be stealthy, I would get really far then die and have to do it all over again. Not to mention when you restart you have to hear the same dialogue all over again. So when it's your sixth try at sneaking or run and gun part and you can say the dialogue out loud that gets annoying. 

I'm sure a lot of people enjoyed the hunting aspect, but I really did not like it. I only say that from an opinion because I don't really like killing animals, even scary fucked up ones like Komodo dragons. I would do what I had too, to make sure I had the most ammo and money but after that I just stopped. I think it was a mission where I had to kill wild dogs with a flamethrower that just made me stop those quests outright because it just seemed to sadistic to me, but once again I recognize that's just an opinion. OH I also fucking hated the poker mini game!...but that is only because I really suck at poker and it took me forever to win a game for a stupid story quest. 

I suppose the last thing and it's very minor was collecting all of those god damn relics. I know I didn't have too, it's my own fault, and I only have myself to blame...but still I felt really dumb getting all 120 of them and not getting any type of reward for it. I'm sure it's been talked about before but man it felt like they just put that in there to see if anyone would be dumb enough to do it...and sure enough I was. 

Ok my stream of consciousness is sort of falling apart and I really don't want this to be too long. So yeah Far Cry 3 it can be a fun game I guess? Just don't be like me and play it for over two months and try to do a lot of collecting. When the only thing that is keeping you invested is the gameplay, maybe I should have just put it away and found another game with better characters/story and the same gameplay. 

Ok Grumble/Rant whatever over!

I'm also aware that this post will not really be informative, innovative or anything more then just someone complaining on the internet for the sake of complaining, but I guess we all like to do that from time to time. And really any excuse for me to try to get more into blogging and staying in the community. 

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