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Far Cry 3 - A Reaction..type...thing.

So wow a second blog post in under three months! That's some kind of record.  I don't think I will be doing this with all the games I beat, just the ones that make me think of things. I wouldn't also call this a review, I suppose you cou...


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I'm a late twenties video game and comic book nerd. I work in the city of Boston as a freelance Videographer/Editor (although I don't get as much work as I would like). I was a weird antisocial kid (and I'm still like that at times today), and I have too much of an obsession with Calvin & Hobbes.

I really do like meeting new people however I can sometimes be weird and not know what to talk about. I'm sure there are more things I can put here however I really don't know what. As I'm sure you can already tell I suck at grammar and punctuation.

I like talking to people though so I'm happy to talk about really whatever.

Uhhh I think that's all I got.