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On August 7th in the year of our Lord 2021 GajKnight blessed me with a follow!


PSA: I know we got some YouTubers in the family. Apparently there's a new scam going around that involves you basically deleting your own channel. It happened to Spiffing Brit and here's his video about it.


Happy Birthday to ChronoLynxx! I am glad that you and yer band of misfits call this place home :)


I was not aware that there is a sequel in the works for Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate. With the story written by none other than Aaron den skin Bowden. This makes my day! Praise be to the God-Emperor of mankind!


Hey Soulbows! When you need a break from teabagging noobs in Siege I found the perfect game for you! It's even on sale right now.


I couldn't help myself...forgive me


I am kicking off #Caturday early! This is my friends cat Frankie. Or as I have nicknamed him Fuzzy Lump. He adores me cuz I spoil him with treats..heh


I want to thank Electronic Reaper again for recommending Rebel Galaxy. It's Starpoint Gemini 1 meets Freelancer with a splash of Firefly. It's a space Western basically with a slapping soundtrack...


Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update is live on consoles! Woo hoo! O Captain my Captain...time to kick booty..


Well today we broke the record for highest temperature ever recorded in Portland,OR. 108° degrees. With predicted temperatures of 112° tomorrow. And then as a bonus on Monday.. possibly 118°. This is ridiculous..


Tonight's double feature will be Wargames and Buckaroo Banzai! Let the good times roll...


Did a couple runs with the Captain in Risk of Rain 2. I think I'm in love, this character just suits my play style so well. Now we just need that anniversary update for consoles. Supposedly by the end of June..


Happy a bit late Birthday to Mr. Bateman!! < insert something whimsical here> you da best!


Anybody who grew up in the 90s should appreciate this. I also had a Zelda one but I gave it to a friend. Just thought I'd share...


With the Legend of Mana R less than a week away I thought I would post a link to a very useful resource site. Because this game has some deep mechanics. So damn excited.. https://legendofmana.info/


So what is everyone's favorite condiment? Besides hot sauce I am a Mustard Man..like my pappy and Grand pappy..


I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite gaming review site on the Citadel...


Since remasters and remakes are all the rage in the industry these days. Why not remaster Valkyrie Profile? Just toss it threw one of those AI upscaler and we're good to go.


Well that is Mass Effect 1 (paragon playthrough) done and dusted. I really liked how they retune the trophies so that you could platinum in a single playthrough.


Okay I get it No Man's Sky... I need to get a damn PS5... the new update with all its visual overhauls looks pretty amazing. Also flyable mounts!


Tonight's double movie feature will be American Psycho and Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore. With a healthy helping of cider to go with it, gonna be some fun.


Last night I went out as fully vaccinated carbon life-form unit. It was definitely an experience. Since I missed all the touchy-feely stuff I will just say.. Soulbow is senpai and a big shout out to the MVP of Destructoid...Dangus's mum...


Got my 2nd Rona shot today. I can already feel the Nanobots taking over. Must buy an Xbox for the glory of Bill Gates! Also I thought this would be a good time to show off my new shirt and sticker. Also vaxes..


Oh fuck oh Fuck oh Fuck oh Fuck oh Fuck oh Fuck oh Fuck oh Fuck oh fuck...


Jumped into No Man's Sky today to check out this Expedition's thingamajigger. It's a ton of fun! It's a short season so if you're curious check it out!


Forgive me Torchman-sama, I have finally gotten around to watching Iron-Blooded Orphans. I should have watched this many years ago, it is incredible. Also for Mobile Suit Gundam:The Origin - Advent of the Red Comet,should I watch the TV series or the OVA?


Ran across this at the store today. My first thought was 'Soulbows would hit that' Now I'm curious myself. What have I done..


Watched a short review video on Mass Effect LE. I will admit my hype train is gaining steam T minus 8 hours till play time.


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