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Senpai noticed me!! Praise be to the God Emperor! Heh.. he is definitely one of my favorite authors. Bit of background, he was asking advice for shows that he and his kids could watch of the same quality as Airbender, I suggested Hilda on Netflix :)


Happy Birthday Sir Juicy Juice! You can pulp my orange anytime ;)


Had a bit of extra pocket money and since it is spoken of so highly by some of the regulars around here. I picked up Streets of Rage 4 and.. My gods it is pure beat'em up goodness. Also it is poetry in motion. Screenshots just don't do this game justice.


It's been too long my old friend. Time to FUEL UP!!! Also Divinity Original Sin 2 has to be one of my favorite RPGs of all time now and I think I'm only halfway through it.


Happy (slightly late) Birthday to my G-fuel bruh Soulbows!! May the fuel flow deep...


Been catching up over on ROM hacking.com and quite a few new goodies to play with. Most notably English patch for Super Robot Tension Original Generations for PS2. Yes please! And...English patch for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity!! Can't wait to play


Merry Christmas Destructoid! You guys and gals are the best!


Ahhh....It is good to back..quick recap of what I've been up to gaming wise. I Platinum TorchLight 2😁 been playing Earthbound and Starsector. But I really gotten into Divinity Original Sin 2. Such a great game. Also this made me think of Seymour πŸ˜›


Well after a month and a half of waiting for a replacement phone it is finally arrived. I have missed you guys and gals so so much. Even that fellow that goes on and on about g fuel ☺️. I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to catching up.


Chrono Trigger+ done and dusted. Great hack, definitely recommend it. Next up.. Earthbound 'MaternalBound-Redux'. Was gonna play FF4 Ultima (it's finally finished Rabite!) But the call of Ness is strong..... Also 269th post...heh..


They put a lot of love and care into the Bloodless character mode in Bloodstand. Put a couple hours into it today and I am having a blast. Little rough in the beginning but once you get a couple Powers unlocked, oh boy...


I wish he was Prime Minister... It would be glorious


So Sotsu-Sunrise have a Gundam YouTube channel?! With gunpla build videos and a couple full series as well. Oh look they just added the F 91 movie. Happy times...oh it's called GundamInfo if peeps are interested...


So a wire shorted out on my HC Gamerlife headphones today,and my warranty expired seven days ago. I decided to email customer support anyways and they're going to honor the warranty still! They're going to send me a new set next week. I am so happy!!


Oh baby yeah! BLOODLESS mode!!! Looks like I'm going to play some Bloodstained tonight!


It is 4 a.m. in the Great Northwest, all is quiet and all is dark. Time for a bit of rest. P.s. leaving this here for Chrono... Lucca is best gal...


I know tonight is going to be a rough night for many of us, so I whipped up what I like to call decadent spaghetti. Dig in!


Happy Halloween to Destructoid!!


Last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with a Dtoid regular. The man,myth,Legend and all around great guy... AdmiralAckbong!!!


Is anyone else having audio issues with their PS4? It was working fine this morning but now I can't get any audio out. I've tried changing HDMI cables and nothing or it will come on but it sounds delayed by half a second. I think the last update borked it


Risk of Rain 2 1.0 update is out today for PS4! There is much killing to be done...tee hee...


A mighty need to play Final Fantasy 7 (for the millionth time) has come over me. 7th Heaven + Remako mods + New Threat 2.0 = gooooood times :)


Leaving this here for a certain Rabbit.. https://www.dualshockers.com/trials-of-mana-update-bring-arts-figures/amp/


So the new update for No Man's Sky... dear Gods it's incredible! If this game is on your list of getting around to play, now is the time! So so good..


I'm posting this here for Torchman,it has begun... https://twitter.com/catsuka/status/1308068858541023232?s=19


Today is a special day for my playthrough of Tale of Two Wastelands. I get to start what is considered one of the best DLCs ever created. Also the TTW Interiors Project even makes it more epic. :)


Happy Birthday to Fuzunga & Renaud! (fixed) Here is some cake... :)


Just leaving this here for certain British fellow ;)


So I put a couple hours into Remnant From the Ashes after winning it on the Dtoid contest (thank you Wes) and I'm enjoying it so far :)


Dear Google, please stop showing me ads for step mum/daughter porn,comics stories etc. I have never searched for that topic ever. Instead show me ads for what I'm into...hot mannequin on human action! Oh Wes baby...work those hands!!


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