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So they are aware of the Windows 10 issues with PSO2 and are working on them. Also here is my Player ID 10693441 use that when making a new account and we both get loot! Oh and I'm on Ship 03: Thorn


Well my city is on fire, Portland this is not the way...stay safe everybody..


Do you even Fuel bruh!? I really like the sticker and the fact that it showed up five days ahead of schedule. Time to Fuel up!!


I'm still getting used to Windows 10 and I learned a valuable lesson today. Don't try using the Windows Store if you have a VPN running. It really doesn't like that, well at least not for me. Oh well.. Phantasy Star Online 2 is downloading...yah!


Just posting this here for a certain someone heh heh...


Well I wanted to download Phantasy Star Online 2 for tomorrow but I keep getting you'll need the Internet for this error code 0x800704cf. I tried a few online Solutions but no dice. Anybody have any suggestions?


I thought I could start pre-loading Phantasy Star 2 online today. But I can't find it anywhere on the Microsoft store Page. Just stuff for Xbox..


G-fuel is having a buy one get one free Memorial Day sale going on... I ordered fruit punch and watermelon, dear Lord what have I done...


Everybody! Just a quick question, I need to get a new controller for PC using Windows 10, any recommendations? Also that won't break the bank..


Happy Birthday to that mecha luving boi!


My mid-tier new computer ish is all set up and running well. I get to play something I've been wanting to for years now. Also have my TV setup as my second display so I can lounge back like a filthy counsel player :p


Graveyard Keeper is some serious fun,a dark n spooky Harvest Moon. I recommend giving it a look-see. Also it's half off on PSN right now..


Happy birthday absolutfreak! May your day be filled with many Fantasies.


Time for a new TV series to binge, I've only seen episodes of this one here and there, I think of certain regular on here will approve. ;)


Picked up Final Fantasy 12 the Zodiac Age on the PSN sale, and boy is it damn pretty but not being able to turn off the HP bars above there heads is a deal breaker. Didn't even make it through the forced tutorial before I turned it off. :(


I treated myself to a new PIN :)


Well my new favorite Dynamic theme for PS4 is Risk of Rain 2, very relaxing. Also a darn good game. Looking forward to more content!


Happy Birthday Gus! You spicy fellow you and Sir Sam!


Got my physical copies of Trials of Mana and Risk of Rain 2 today! I wondered if risk of rain would translate well into 3D gameplay, and oh boy it most certainly does!


So even though I cancelled my pre-order, Amazon still sent me the promotion code for FF7R.. it's for PSN.. I shall leave it in the comments and if you grab it please let everyone else know.


Happy birthday 'O' mighty Occams! Love ya buddy..


Still finding new Easter eggs in Torchlight 2. I'll put it in the comments in case somebody hasn't stumbled across it yet. Also new update adds a lot more alchemy options. Which is nice :)


Since I have a lot of free time on my hands, I've been really digging into Holy Potatoes! We're in space?! A very enjoyable game and thanks again to Mr. Taco cause I won it in a contest here ;)


In these uncertain times I've been taking comfort in the awesomeness that is Babylon 5. Still a wonderful and witty and relevant show today..


Question time! What game have you played the longest and or return to the most often? For me it has to be Angband, I've been playing this game around 24 years now and I still love it. FYI they put out a pretty big overhaul about 5 months ago..good stuff


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