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Drew PONG on a drunk friends face, dressed as Ryu and played the hell outta Street Fighter 4

So it's been a while since I last posted or even really visited the site. I'll site laziness, booze and a total lack of motivation for the absence. That said, I've a few amusing little pics to show for my time away.

Don't get drunk around creative gamers. A friend of mine had wandered northward from Sydney and found himself back amongst Brisbane and his friends. My line of work kept me from enjoying the evening proper, but showing up late with a bottle of Herrandura tequila is a respectable way to enter a party, regardless of timing.

I INSISTED that we drink it, regardless of how tired or drunk everyone was. So with my brutal regime of shots taking its toll, my dear friend passed out. Naturally the first thing to pop into my head is to mess with him. Another friend has beaten me to this and, for some baffling reason, drawn a single neat line down the unconscious mans face. So, given that one good baffling turn deserves another, I said, "Draw a game of PONG on his face!"

So we get this

I so dearly wanted to create a stop motion animation game of it but I was pissed and quite surprised that things had gotten this far. The next day I hear him get up, go to the bathroom, piss and flush, then I just wait in the most beautiful of anticipations. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!" Comes blaring from the bathroom and I latch the lock on my door before he can exact any revenge. He sees the humour in it now.

I've been playing Street Fighter 4 in my local arcade for the past month and a half now and I love it. That said I do have a few complaints. Removing parrying for the focus attack bugs me a tad, though to be fair, it does create a parry that can fail on you thus preventing overuse and balancing the game a little better. I still miss parries though. The game has a few priority changes that I am yet to work through, my Zangief is as destructive as ever and due to the beautiful camera angles on the Revenge moves, even more beautiful, but Iam still suffering a bit due to odd priority. I have managed to make my presence known at the arcade, demolishing all but the most sensible and adaptive opponents, but dammit, some of the old tricks don't work and I miss them a tad. Still, time to move on I suppose.

Although it is odd that the game skews away from supers, given the short life bar, the long time to build a super move and that each character only has one (give or take) to just throw a "revenge" move in that is even easier to come by. Strange lack of balance there given the attention to detail everywhere else.

Finally, I got to dress as Ryu at a friends costume party. Well, a dodgy SSF2 Turbo pallet swap of him at least.
You see, I'd gotten nigh leathally drunk the night before, as when a particular friend of mine and I decide to get tore up, it means at least for or five bottles of spirits. Come about 8 in the morning and it's getting a little warm so we decide to make use of his pool and, when I got out slightly chilly an hour later, a warm beam of sunlight seemed an inviting place to sleep.

I slept from 10 am to 4:30 pm in Australias sun. I woke up, moved, screamed, moved again, cried and then got dressed and went to work looking like the son of a woman who was raped by a beetroot. I was damaged, hungover and suffering from heat stroke but goddammit, I was dressing like Ryu.

Here are the results, bearing in mind I have already explained about my colour (oh and at one point I fought a ninja, a gay sailor and a lamp).

So that was what has happened to me lately. Gonna stop being a lazy prick and re-engage in the culture I enjoy now.

By soul3150
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