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More games in need of a sequel.

Last month I wrote a blog on games that I though deserved sequels. As promised Iím following up with a sequel of my own, these are more of the games that I would like to see a modern version of. As I said before these are my personal requests, some of them already have sequels, but either they failed to live up to expectations or they were so long ago that they are no longer relevant. So let us begin.

Banjo Kazooie

Now you had to know that this was coming. I think many gamers my age (30) this game holds a special place in their hearts, I know it does mine. See, Rare back in the 90ís was a developer that all other developers aspired to be like. Everything they put their hands to turned to gold. If you read about the development cycle that Goldeneye 64 had, thereís no way in the world it should have turned out as well as it did. Rare just had a knack for talking the worst ideas and turning them into the best games.

At its core, Banjo Kazooie is nothing more than a Super Mario 64 clone with some new ideas and the Rare style injected into it. But much like Diddy Kong Racing, it totally one ups the game it was based upon. Worlds are larger, controls are tighter with more moves, pacing is better, and has much more diverse gameplay. However I think the thing that sticks out most to me is the Rare style. I canít help but get nostalgic about it. We did get a sequel which many people liked and for all intents and purposes I think I should have loved it, but by that time I had wondered over to the Playstation end of gaming and couldnít really appreciate what was done. Nuts & Bolts came along in 2006, and while I adore that game (yes I know, thatís an unpopular opinion) itís not a true sequel but rather a spinoff.

I propose a full retail sequel for the Xbox One. Seeing how Rare is owned by Microsoft now, the Xbox One is the most viable platform for such an undertaking. I would want it to be a true sequel. I would take the look and feel of the Nuts & Bolts aesthetics (I think itís hard to argue they got that right), with the gameplay stylings of the first game, and augment it with functionality from the second. The collect-a-thon needs to be cut out in favor of an open world hub and objective driven gameplay. It also goes without saying it needs a decent story and brilliant music to go along with it. No matter what happens, I donít think it could ever live up to the original game, but I think it would get a lot of people excited for the Xbox One that normally wouldnít be.

1080 Snowboarding/Wave Race

Yes, Iím putting these games together. I am because frankly I find them to be companion games that you canít make one and not another. Nintendo has never been the system for sports games, but back in the day they made their own. Games like Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. and Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside, unfortunately thatís gone by the wayside and all their sports games are now fantasy titles with Mario, but I suppose those sold a lot better. The two most notable titles to come out of those days were the 1080 Snowboarding and Wave Race 64. They were great because they took sports that werenít already being annualized and made their own version. I liked the fact that they had licensed equipment in the game, (and even had licensed music in 1080 Avalanche) and they had a nice gameplay balance, not too arcadey, not too sim. †

I think they need to keep that balance when they approach Wii U sequels. They need to revamp the controls to feel more modern, a new trick system and overhaul of the mechanics would be a must. I would love to see how big the levels could be and how beautiful the graphics could be on the Wii U hardware. I would lay off the tablet features and motion controls though, it just needs to be a straight up sequel. Keep all the little nuances, secrets, and extras. I would even like to see upgrades through performing challenges. There isnít much like it on the Wii U, or really out on the market in general. They might not light the world on fire, but they could be high quality first party releases that broaden the appeal of the Wii U.

Eternal Champions

Now weíre getting into more obscure stuff. Everyone knows how, Street Fighter II brought in the fighting game craze in the early 90ís and every game wanted a piece of the pie. So there were a lot of clones, but much like Banjo Kazooie, one stood out above the rest and that was Eternal Champions. The gameís main shtick was that it was a collection of the greatest fighters from all across history. You have your caveman, you have a cyborg, a female assassin, and a noir gangster just to name a few. It had some really cool moves and solid mechanics, it even had a training room where you could set it up with traps. It was also surprisingly violent where characters would be gunned down, or chopped up with stage fatalities. †

There was a sequel but it was released late in the Sega CDís life so it didnít sell well. Add that to that Sega of Japan wasnít very fond of the series, its little wonder we havenít seen another entry.

I would love to see a modern day version of it on Playstation or Xbox. I would make it 2.5D like Street Fighter IV. Keep the diverse character roster, keep the over the top violence, and the stage fatalities. It just needs more modern mechanics, and online play. Even if it was a $15 downloadable title, I think it could be done well but Iíd rather a full retail release.

Chakan the Forever man

Okay, now weíre scraping the bottom of the obscurity barrel. But Chakan the Forever Man was a really cool game. So basically the story is that Chakan was a badass swordsman who thought he was unbeatable, so you took on the Death himself and beat him. He was granted eternal life, but soon after it became a curse. The goal of the game to defeat the 4 evils so that he can finally rest, only to find out after he defeats them that he was tricked and still cannot die. Pretty dark story for a 16 bit game. But if you thought that was dark, wait until you play it. You visit dark castles, dank pits and arcane sanctuaries. Not many games of that era could successfully execute a tension and mood, but Sega did a phenomenal job at it. Even today, the game has a foreboding presence.

The gameplay itself itís Earth shattering, you have your dual swords and magic attacks. Thereís a good bit of platforming as well. The problem is thereís some cheap hits, and the difficulty (as to be expected) is sky high. I would love to see a modern 3D rendition of it. Even if you have to borrow from God of War, and Prince of Persia, it could be a lot of fun. Just keep the tension and atmosphere. Sega is unfortunately still reluctant to draw from their back catalog or even localize the games they do release, but that doesnít stop me from wanting to see a new game from this forgotten franchise.

Well there it is. I know I still didnít get to everything, but the more I think about what games Iíd like to see the more keep coming to me. So, Iíll let it rest for now. But if any of you have any more suggestions for sequels I would love to hear about them in the comments.
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