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How Streamers are Affecting GTA's NoPixel RP Server



Five M’s Los Santos is immersive, but can it stay that way if it’s filled with stars?


Big name streamers from all corners of the industry have participated in NoPixel, Grand Theft Auto V’s premier roleplay server. The server, created using the FiveM mod, prides itself on immersion, and this has allowed it to be the backdrop for some incredible content. With the likes of Summit1g, Timthetatman, Valkyrae, and Sykunno (just to name a few) roaming the streets of this immersive Los Santos, is it possible to maintain this level of immersion?


For those not familiar, streamers do frequently “role play”, or stay in character while in game during a stream. When they speak to their viewers, they do so out of character, or OOC. In theory, this creates a great dynamic. If Timthetatman is streaming as Dale Morris in game, NoPixel is gaining exposure through all of his viewers, at the same time entertaining the audience.


To this day, this system still works, it has just brought along some unforeseen consequences.

The fame of these streamers has made it difficult for them to stay in character. For example, this past week, Sykunno, role playing as his character Yuno Sykk at the time, crossed paths with Summit1G who was roleplaying as his secondary character John Charleston at the time. This was clearly an opportunity for two big streamers to interact, so both audiences encouraged the streamers to talk to one another. In the ensuing conversation, Sykunno continually made references to Summit1G’s primary character, Charles Johnson. While neither of the two “broke character” in the traditional sense, Sykunno steered the conversation in a direction that didn’t really add up in character.


And of course, we have to talk about xQc. Because there’s drama, so xQc is involved.

xQc plays a character similar to himself on the server. This is both fun to watch and hectic, because he is…fun to watch and hectic. His character, Mr. X or X games, endlessly causes trouble around the city, and attempts to talk his way out of it, much to the chagrin of other players. The streamer often found his character in jail or some other trouble and he didn’t seem to want to slow down. Mr. X made further waves by attempting a jump over the Diamond resort, and finally a solo bank heist.


In said heist, streamer KylieBitkin was role playing as her character officer Angel, and responded to the call of the heist. She would go on to shoot and kill xQc in the heist, and this made waves around the community, with debates raging over who was out of line, or worse, out of character.

I personally do not play NoPixel, so I won’t comment on who was right or wrong. What I did notice was that the lengthy debates out of character over who did what wrong begin to take away from the very immersion that NoPixel boasts.

I love NoPixel Content, but next time I see Yuno and officer Angel interact, I can’t help but feel I will just see Sykunno and KylieBitkin interact.


Does anybody else watch Nopixel content? Let me know your thoughts below!

- Solidsnape lives in Baltimore, MD where he writes, plays the objective, and infiltrates Shadow Moses.

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