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Here we go again: Flower creators says games must be more artistic


When I played Flower I didn't expect to feel so peaceful, but moving through the grass fields and listening to that wind blow was a very relaxing experience. I applaud Jenova Chen and his crew for creating a beautiful game that brought emotions out of me that I didn't think could be done in games.

Flower has given Chen some credibility so I respect what he has to say at the Develop Conference when he calls out the gaming industry to makes more artistic games that go beyond action and realism. He admits it's an argument many people hate hearing about, but it doesn't stop him from going on the offensive. Chen is so unimpressed with today's games he compares them to “toys.”

“Other pursuits are enjoyed by adults and not viewed as toys. As grown up gamer I don’t want to see the games I have been playing with love turn into toys. I think games need to have more mature content – but not like [Dead of Alive] or [Manhunt], but more sophisticated works.”

“It shouldn’t be about one feeling – like excitement or happiness. Humans have a range of emotions, and life is stressful. Games should reflect that.”

He hopes games will reflect on “the time and the world around them,” similar to what other artists did for their medium, citing Van Gogh, Tolkien, and Alan Moore as examples.

What do you guys think? I would say many people on the internet could care less about this argument, but I have to give Chen and his crew credit for helping me see video games in a different light after I played Flower.
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