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Craigslist "score" sega master system


NO! I don't have a system to play these, but figured for $18 can't go wrong and I'm looking for a system anyways, I guess the guy threw in the H-Town "Knockin da boots" single tape to make up for the fact that there is no system to actually play the games. The initial listing on craigslist did include these games and the sega master system, for $25! Couldn't pass that up since I've been looking for one for a while now.

All the games include the original case, manuals and are in pretty damn good condition, except the 3 on the side. I saw the listing and what attracted me to it was the fact that it had the system but when I got there the douche bag said he doesn't know where it was, even though I emailed him 16 hours before confirming it included the system. I drove about 40 minutes to pick the shit up and couldn't leave empty handed, so haggled him down to $18 just for the games, well worth it. Here's a list of the games:

Space Harrier
Pro Wrestling
Zillion 2
Aztex adventure
king fu kid
R.C. Grand Prix
The ninja
great football
great soccer
great volleyball
great basketball
Montezumas Revenge
My hero
Alex kidd
captain silver
Alien syndrome

Pretty impressive list, with some killing games including Space Harrier, Rampag and Alex kidd and who can pass up a game called Montezumas Revenge? All that's left to complete this big score is a system to play them.
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