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Hello peeps!

Hi, this is my first blog post. Well after listening to the podtoid since the beginning and finally decided to join. Well first off I'm 13 years old (! pappears over rapists head) and I have the following consoles: PS2, PS3, GBC, GBSP, N64, DS, PSP. Well I'm a Play Station fan and I LOVE MGS!!!!!!! Like I got MGS 4 the day it came out (w/ strat guide; yes be jealous) and I love it. Hideo Kojima is truly a master of his craft. (Yes he gets me HARD!(yeah I know what getting hard means)) Well I like other series but right now MGS is like the moon, the rest of my life is the sun and I'm in a lunar eclipse. Can you dig it? Well anyway it's past my bed time and my room mates (A.K.A parents) are making me go to my car bed. Oh, I have to switch my controller now. (P.S. my dream is to be featured on the podtoid so make a note!)
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