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Currently : Uncharted 3 Beta

[This is the first in my Currently series, which is pretty much where I play some type of demo, whether that be a beta or a trial on xbox live, or possibly a game I didn't feel a need to finish. Fundamentally, they'll be my impressions, bri...


The Indecisive In Me

In recent years, I've managed to succumb to what has been sometimes called "What Game Syndrome". What this usually entails is a general inability to pick a game to play. When I was younger, I never had this problem and found it breezy to ...


E3, Posthumous - Part Two

Technically this could be defined as a re-post. This was originally the latter half of my E3 coverage, however I thought it would be better to grant it a separate post. I found the last one to be far too long to read it one sitting for most...


I Heart CG

As of late, the art of CG (computer graphics) has been making a huge comeback, particularly in the gaming scene. Until recently, the technique belonged primarily to Japanese developers, appearing as important sequences of their stories in t...


E3, Posthumous - Part One

part two can be found here The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (wanted to write it out at least once) has been one of my favorite yet, and was helped in no small part by Destructoid's superb coverage. I'm going to try and cover as muc...


Til' Kingdom Hearts III Comes...

Before I got my first PlayStation 2, there were only two games I wanted, and they were Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts. FFX was required out of curiosity, having only played small chunks of VII, VIII and IX. This was the first of th...


About smeagletonone of us since 9:49 AM on 01.25.2011

I guess you could say I'm your typical gamer, although I don't cite Mario every time someone asks what my favorite games are. I normally try to spread my game-time to more than one at any time. Most genres appeal to me, so trying any games aren't out of the question, yearly sports titles being one exception. I'm also a modern gamer, but I don't write off retro or classics simply because of their age.

Now Playing
Uncharted 3 Beta

If you see one of my posts under the prefix "Currently", then it means I have played some type of demo, beta, or game I didn't finish, and posted my impressions of them.

I'm a pretty big film buff and reader too, and I also watch anime and read manga.

I believe myself to be inherently polite, but perhaps that's just my anxiety...

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