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What'd You Get - NihonTiger Rip-off Edition

I've finally got a few dollars in my pocket, so I decided it was time to do what I've been meaning to do for a couple years now. After a few days of eBay lurking I came across this humble collection, take a gander:

Please pay special attention to the right hand side badassery thats in this picture.

Like all poor kids basking in the glow of a new wave of game consoles, I sold my Super Nintendo. What was lost was a nice collection including Mega Man X, and Super Metroid. I feel like I made up for some of that today. I've played all these games, but aside from Zelda and Mario World, I've never finished any of them. I figured now's about as good a time as any. Also, not pictured is a copy of Final Fantasy III(VI) which came in early and is at my friends house who was smart enough never to sell his SNES. In fact the bastard's probably playing it right now.

Now all that's left is to snag a copy of Metroid to make up for my old one, maybe a Street Fighter and some Final Fight for good measure, and I think Secret of Mana(another one I've played and not finished) should just about round out this collection after that. Also its time to bitch at the dude about the broken controller he sent me. Not really sure how that's gonna work out.

Anyway, don't tell me what you got, cause that's really NihonTiger's thing. But what do you think? Pretty sweet huh?
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