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Hey guys,

I would like to cordially thank the denizens of this fine repository of gaming knowledge for the absolutely heartwarming welcome I got after my first few, uh, tweets. Sorry about that.

No really though, Hi. I'm Kevin, and I'm way into art in games. I'm not about to use this is a platform to try and push the agenda that we need boxed copies of Metroid on display in the Louvre, my love for the art in games sidesteps that tired old argument, and is more focused on how good design and creativity in art direction can really make or break a game. Take Pokemon for instance...was it not Ken Sigumori's (who was formally trained as an illustrator, before his forray into game design,) ubiquitous critters that launched that shit into the stratosphere? Pokemon was a well crafted peice of software, but beyond that, it was pikachu, squirtle, and bulbasaur. Every single Pokemon started out as a drawing, and then ended up on every 11 year old's thermos 4 years later. Now, it would be remiss to attribute this good design to just a successful marketing blitz, but the creatures felt so alive, the world they lived in was so lushly detailed on that little green and yellow screen that your level 94 charizard's visage was simply the bridge that connected you completely to the game world. So, to retread an idea set forth by Hideo Kojima in a 2006 the games aren't so much art, as they are the museums, and the art hanging on the walls the programmers build serve as a link to the world in which they represent. This is why i love games.
That's an awfully 'round about way to get to an introduction, but that's why I love games, and that, my friends, is why we are all here.

I'm a 21 year old Drawing and Painting student, perusing my BFA at The University of North Texas, located in the DFW metroplex, in a sleep, stoned little town called Denton. I Plan on posting my gaming related art works often, and every once in a while, I may end up rambling about why the armor that Liquid's elite female death-squads wear in Metal Gear Solid 4 changed the way i drew the female form forever.

thanks for the support on my uh, rocky first few days Om Nom, and the few others who didn't assume I was some brain-dead juggalo who didn't realize he wasn't logged into his twitter account.

OH YEAH, and here's the art, I drew this yesterday, It's all watercolor. You guys like Halo? of course you do.

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