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Behind Closed Doors: Mars Needs Cheerleaders!

The best thing Tim Schafer ever did was name that level in Zombies Ate my Neighbors. When people remember Lucas Arts, this game never seems to get brought up as much as it should. Aside from getting ridiculously hard in the later levels, there wasn't much to the game play that made it stand out. It was solid, no doubt, but it was the game's atmosphere that won me over. Every bit of this game oozes a particular style and tongue in cheek sense of humor. Even the names of all the games 45 some odd levels have all been seamlessly woven into the fabric of one big joke about the banality of life in suburban america. With zombies and martians. The way that the game uses the combination of level name and level content to set the stage for the action is brilliant, and all the "story," that the game needs. This piece is me exploring the theme of the level Mars Needs Cheerleaders, and me viewing it as a single story happening in some grander ZAMN fiction, composed of all the themes set forth by all of the game's levels and all their clever names. Do you really think all those cheer leaders were just gonna sit there waiting to get saved?

with out further ado, here's my entry.

I know I'm not the only one who fondly remembers this game. I've been enamored with the title since I was a kid, but to this day I've never beaten it.

here's some blantant ZAMN fanart, that led me to the idea of creating the peice for artists wanted, since it was part of the process, I figured I'd share that too!

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