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GTA IV Radio Stations

I've read a lot of negative reaction to GTA IV's radio stations. I had some too, but I think most people that gripe about it are missing the point. They compare these radio stations to Vice City and San Andreas, as opposed to real life radi...


E4 = Easy Points

Everyday Extra Extrememe 4 or whatevertf its called is stupid. the gameplay seemed fun at first, i imported some guns n bombs tunes, and then played the unlimited mode and absurdly racked up 43 TRILLION POINTS, netting tons of fucking achie...


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I'm a card carrying member of MENSA.

I work 40-50 hours a week as a restaurant manager.
unfortunately, i'm the entirety of the management.
It's a lot of work.

I study IR theory at San Jose State.

I produce electro/disco/house.

I helped start the hyphy movement. sorry about that.

I have an xbox360, wii, DS, and gaming laptop.

My current gaming obsessions are GTA4, My life as a king, wii fit, prof. layton, TF2.

I would love to find a PvP focused MMORPG, but I'm afraid my school work and music would suffer.

Currently, my favorite author is Thomas Pynchon.

No I dont read comic books, I'm fucking your GF.

No I dont watch anime, except for Miyazaki, I suppose.

Currently, my favorite director is Reygadas.

No i'm not a snob. I'm just reacting to the groupthink mentality of destructoid. I'm just here for the fucking games, man.