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why I think street fighter 4 is overated

Okay let me first tell you i am HUGE SF fan as you can see when you read my bio you will notice it is made of mostly fighting games. However the most recent SF title has recently been praised like ti is the second coming of jesus and being held as being just as significant as street fighter 3 or even ST/HD. Now this is just merely my opinion and while you may not agree i personally think SF4 is one very overated game by the way I',m only using 3s and ST here as these are the most commonly brought up. heres why:


Okay so maybe this has more to do with the the fanbse but everyway you look at ryu,akuma and even ken to a lesser degree are 8/10 of 9/10 in all areas which is simply wrong. okay starting from the top look at ST

very good at playing keepaway with his fireballs or traping you in a specific are where he can call all the shots (known as zoning) most matches against him tend to be where trying to get close to him or your trying to outzone him. This is where the weakness comes he doesn't fare that well at close range so what you have to do is stay on him and he will lose and before any one says otherwise his close range game while existant is only to compliment his zoning game in other words, it's not there to be relied on it there to help you get back to zoning.

essentially a close range verison of ryu. while he focuses on more zoning he is more all or nothing you either win or get bitchslapped no in between, ever. Simply put he a bruiser that where have to play him the exact opposite of ryu which is to keep him the fuck away from you, unless you like beatings. ken essentially is ryu designed to be offensive and his fireballs are used to compliment his offense in the same way ryu up close is used to compliment his zoning, it is just another route to the island. Since akuma is banned in every tourney he won't be mentioned here.


Well starting off


A textbook example of a glass cannon he hits hard and gets hit harder he doesn't. really have and defense game either outside outside of teleport so it up close and personal for gouki. All he can essentially do is play offense and obvoiusly turtle against the slower characters but that is it he is essentially a one trick pony and a very brutal one at that not to be underestimated (as if that really happens LOL)


He has become the heavy hitter of the three thanks parrying nerfing fireballs to useless. He's a hell of a lot more defensive than before and more often than not waits fot the moment to strike or tries to create it by baiting out an attack. Most of his moves before were pretty much nerfed here so he can't annoy you to death like ST by randomly throwing out DP's (dragon punch) to take you out.hurricane kick still builds meter though.


he remains pretty much unchanged from before which is great thing and can still rack up the damge with his combos so as usaul you turtle essentialy in a nutshell an improved ken with better cmobos, crossups along the legendary SA3.

okay now this may seem of topic but bear with me here as I show why this is so bad. This is because there is no variety no more before even though ken could zone he still ran the risk of getting kicked in the face. no here good spacing and forward+MK can do that perfectly, same with ryu he can essentially BECOME ken due to his easy link combos which brings me to another point more on that later though. However akuma is the worst here as he has the best fireballs in the game and as such can force evn sagat or dhalsim to go on the offensive.

Noob friendly?

Really? Really?! LIES! can please someone explain to me how a beginner is even going to get the zangiefs throws out? fair enough the hd remix command is no different but it is alot easier than that. Also Fei long and cammy nuff said. Actually not nuff said WTF were they thinking do they even cammy's so popular? because she's good beginners charcter and this has forever annoyed me not to mention they all fell VERY unfinshed compared to the core cast which brings to yet another point

Nerfing Anyone?

Why on earth were Guile and Claw nerfed to shit? look i know these two are a pain in the ass for certain characters but then look at sagat versus gief matter of fact look at SAGAT LOL nuff said there. But seriously this is very stupid as the two people the scrubs love complaining about get nerfed and then look it un balances the game as a whole because of this and now those very same scrubs are complaining about Sagat needing to be nerfed (seths fair play) when in reality those that have been nerfed need to be brought back up leading to genuine complaints and a whole load of grief due to "ur just mad cuz ur main top tier LOOOLS" posts which aren't true because if it was, it'd be a running joke by now so basicly they just un fairly nerfed some people for the sake of nerfing some people and don't get me started on E.Honda now for my last point

DOES'T LOOK LIKE BLAZBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL just joking


This is a touchy subject but ultras as a whole are a good addition, what i don't like is this compare sagat and fei long.
Sagat best ultra in the game period, easy to land VERY damaging and it annoying chip not as good as blanka though
Fei Long again decent ultra but Very hard to land outside of focus attack.

What i'm getting at here is how easy it is to land for the wrong characters take for example sagat before was keepaway and turtleling, now here it is both of AND an easy to land near instant death combo.

Take Fei long all or nothing same as ken he relies on one big shot to take his opponent all the while scoring easy chip with the rekkas but here he doesn't really have the big shot (a decent ultra or good super)


What is he meant to be? is some sort of robot? so far all i can find is that he's a retarded supervillain doing a cosplay of silver surfer, what a disgrace. I mean look at him he looks like a abdolute donut matter of fact he getting his own post of why i hate him so much. Anyway this guy is a major problem, why? his design philosophy is that the someone using is going to make a mistake and hes has all the bes move in the game right? what if they don't make a mistake? (AKA high level players) your forced to watch your character (who is most probably ken) sit there andget hit from the other side of the screen by an Silver surfer wannbe. Anyway just opinions and feel free to post

P.S feel to give me advice on this I just sighned up but have followingfor a while
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