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Siddartha’s E3 Wish List: 2018


Okay, this time I’m listing dream games and specific fantasy ideas.  The big-picture wishes haven’t changed from last year.  I’ll try to avoid stuff that’s been leaked or announced, because it’s boring to parrot what’s already being marketed.  Read through and tell me what you think.

My Wishes for Microsoft Pivoting to PC and Sony Reviving Their Mascot Platformers are Identical to My Blog Last Year <- Still Relevant

The League of Legends Fighting Game I Know Is Coming

They bought the developers of Rising Thunder (Radiant Entertainment), their characters are designed to be balanced against each other in a fighting-game-like dynamic, and those characters have a strong brand.  It now feels like the inevitability of a LoL fighting game is on the horizon.

It’s been a few years since they bought Radiant, so the timing seems right for an announcement.  Am I crazy for thinking this was a long time coming?  People already talk about these characters in terms of matchups and counters.


Destiny 2: Comet

Look, at this point you’re either down with the Guardian’s light or you’re not.  If you are, then you know that these little patch-expansions are just leading up to another major expansion like Taken King.  This time it’s called “Comet”.  Why?  Who knows?  I assume things will fall from space.  You’ll probably carry guns.

I underestimated Taken King until I started playing it, and Taken King’s story-heavy, atmospheric presentation went on to inform the story content in Destiny 2.  There was as much of a shift in Taken King as there was in Destiny 2, so Comet represents Bungie’s chance to shake things up again.  Whatever the hell it is.


Nintendo Expands Labo For Third-Party Games

This thought started with guns for Doom, but you can go further.  Imagine drones in a cyberpunk game, or a Resident Evil game that uses a portable Labo piano for puzzles in a creepy mansion.  What about a Michel Gondry game, where you play some twee protagonist that builds goofy cardboard shit?  Labo can make that game your actual life.  Just fill your house with cardboard gadgets over the course of the game.


Blizzard Announces a CG Overwatch Movie

Look, they’ve already produced the equivalent of a movie's worth of short-films, and a volume’s worth of comics.  Not only are they clearly capable of doing this, but a movie lets them segue into big changes for the game.  It lets them move the plot forward.  You know how game companies like to call their property “this generation’s Star Wars” all the fucking time?  Well Overwatch is already a multimedia presence with a fiction people are hungry for.  An Overwatch movie has a chance of being something special.


Hey, Can Punisher Get Another Game?

It’s easy to forget about Punisher as a property sometimes, but he’s a pretty good fit for modern gaming.  He’s like a one-man Rainbow Six or something.  Give this dude a game, man.  I’m talking about flanking tactics, laser sights in dark smoke, shotgunning through walls, and remote explosives killing the lights.  You can model it on MGS or Rainbow Six.


Swords of Ditto DLC

I don’t know how popular this game is, but it’s an amazing take on the Rogue-lite concept.  It generates a Link to the Past-style overworld with 4 dungeons, a final castle, and side quests, and gives you limited time.  I’d like to see a Binding of Isaac-style content pack, with new accessories, toys, enemies, etc.  It doesn’t need a sequel yet.  But more random elements to play with sounds great.  I mean, what about a dark-world?


A Sequel to Her Story

Remember Her Story?  It was a murder mystery FMV thing, where you watch police interview videos to unravel a mystery.  It featured great acting from a single actor, and got a lot of mileage out of controlling information.  Now imagine a version of that with multiple actors, compounding the gulf between what you know and what you don’t.


Microsoft Unveils Another Car for Forza, But It’s a Shitty Consumer Car

I cannot wait for the cloth to come off and the room to be silent for about a minute.  Like, what is that?  Is that used?  It looks like it’s from the 80s and very, very distressed.  I think I saw that at a strip-mall over on the “no oil changes”-sign part of town.  Watch as Turn 10 and Microsoft try very hard to get you hyped for this car they bought for $500.


Video Game Characters Announcing Their Own Games

We live in an age of incredible cosplay and performances.  I want to see videogame characters describing what they’re in for next and how they plan to tackle it.  I want to see Sonic the Hedgehog reading through what he’s expected to do with increasing alarm and concern, like “I have to do WHAT?!?”.  Maybe have an adventurer do a pro sports-style press conference, describing how they’re gonna maintain the fundamentals and stay loose or whatever.  Maybe you can have a boxing-style head-to-head trash-talk presser between the hero and villain.

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